Gift Guide 2023 for Him

Gift Guide 2023 for Him

You’re shopping for him? Great! Lands’ End has you covered with everything he could want. Let’s look at some great options to keep him comfy and stylish this year.

Smart Sweaters

From the handsome tech turtleneck look and a classic crew neck with a men’s button-down underneath to a sharp men’s V-neck sweater, this is a gift that will make him look and feel great. Make sure to jot down helpful notes about sizes and favorite colors for every guy on your gift list. Also, consider what colors are most flattering on him. Is there a color that brings out his eyes, looks great with his hair, or just seems to brighten his look? Go with that. If you are familiar with seasonal color analysis and what “season” he is, that will make it easier, but if not, no worries. A classic neutral or the color of one of his favorite teams is also a safe bet.

If you opt for a crew neck, consider buying him a coordinating turtleneck to wear underneath. Nothing says the holidays like a cozy sweater with a turtleneck layered underneath. This will also give him three great outfit options for differing weather and occasions. He can wear the turtleneck and crewneck alone or with a T-shirt underneath and the turtleneck and crew neck together.

Faithful Flannel

A men’s flannel shirt is one of the most beloved gifts of all time. A flannel will get you through anything from hanging around the house, running errands, outdoor activities, and going to a casual dinner and a movie. Layer a thermal top underneath for extra warmth, or wear it with his favorite jeans if the temperature is mild. It’s also a great layer under a jacket or winter coat.

Flannel is your ace in the hole if you have a tween or teen guy on your gift list. You can give them something comfy that looks appropriate, and they will enjoy wearing it. Score! Flannels are great for school, hanging out, and going out. Red is a great choice for this time of year, as are classic neutrals. If you live with Wisconsin weather, consider buying him thermals for the holidays, too. It’s best to do this as an “add-on” gift to a fun flannel or hoodie for most guys. They’ll appreciate being toasty warm despite whatever mother nature has in store.

Favorite Fleece

Everyone loves a men’s fleece jacket. This super soft yet fashionable and practical choice is just right when transitioning from fall to full-on winter. You can wear it in so many ways, from over a T-shirt with jeans to over a flannel shirt to layering it under a coat. Fleece creates a layer of warm air to help keep you cozy while also being a breathable man-made fabric. It is truly a wonder.

If he likes outdoor sports, consider buying a fleece throw to keep in his car as a stadium blanket. It’s amazing how often a cozy blanket will come in handy in winter, and it can also double as a picnic blanket in warm weather.

Durable Down

Whether he’s active in winter sports, commuting in winter weather, or playing with the kids in the snow, down is a great option to keep him toasty warm through it all. From men’s jackets to big and tall winter coats, down is one of the best choices for durability. Down is a naturally warm option because the loft creates warm air pockets. Wearing down is like wearing a cozy and weightless coat underneath your jacket or coat. If he enjoys winter sports, consider a down jacket or coat with a waterproof shell. This combination is the ultimate in winter insulation.

Don’t forget packable down when you are considering gifts! Whether you choose a vest, jacket, or coat, packable down is one of the most practical travel options ever invented. It is easy to stash in a carry-on or backpack, it’s lightweight, and yet it is wonderfully warm.

Backpacks and Bags

Especially if he’ll be traveling over the winter months, consider a new backpack or messenger bag. They are great for business, school, sports, and just getting him where he needs to go. Lands’ End bags are both rugged and stylish. They’ll give him the high quality and practicality he needs to stash all of his stuff and have it right at his fingertips, too.

Dark neutral colors are great choices for backpacks and bags. This is a sophisticated casual look that will take him anywhere. It will also provide extra protection from real-life events like coffee stains. A rugged nylon bag can easily be spot cleaned, but a dark color never hurts.

With some planning, you will find perfect gifts for him at Lands’ End. Have a warm and wonderful holiday season!


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