Gift Guide 2023 for Foodies

Gift Guide 2023 for Foodies

It’s a lot of fun shopping for foodies. While there are some people for whom selecting the right gift may seem next to impossible, that’s not the case with the person who loves all things related to food. Whether they love to cook, can name the best dish at virtually every restaurant in town, or simply love to experiment with new tastes, it’s safe to say that they’ve earned themselves the “foodie” title with honors.

If you’re lucky enough to have a gastronome in your life and want to surprise them with something they’ll truly love this holiday season, you’re in luck. The options are vast, so much so that you may have a difficult time choosing just one item. Whether you’re on a budget and specifically shopping for gifts $25 and under or you’re planning to spend a little bit more, here are some ideas that are sure to make your recipient’s mouth water.

Fill a Stocking With Care

You know they love food. Whether they have a sweet tooth, a savory tooth, or a healthy combination of both, you can be sure they’ll appreciate a stocking loaded with their favorite goodies. If you happen to know what those favorites are, you’re in luck because you can snap up a few of those tasty treats and fill the stocking to the brim. It’s a gift that will go over well, and it shows that you put some effort into choosing something that is tailored to their preferences.

If it’s someone especially close to you, consider ordering a personalized Christmas stocking and filling it with interesting finds that they may enjoy. Items like artisanal olive oils, spices, jams, syrups, biscuits, fancy chocolates, and similar items will undoubtedly bring a smile to their lips.

Put Together Something Unexpected

Items like air fryers, mixers, coffeemakers, and blenders are all pretty popular gifts to give during the holiday season. The true foodie, though, likely already has those items — and maybe even multiples. What you want to do is surprise them with something a little bit off the beaten path. Maybe they never got on board the sourdough bread train, for example, but expressed an interest in it. Now’s the time to get them a bread-making kit and the ingredients they need for it.

Do they love cheese or have a thing for entertaining? Good news: as you shop for Christmas, you’ll find many fun and delicious options that are sure to please. A handsome cheese board, complete with all the tools they need to make a lovely presentation when they have company over, is a great choice. Add a cheese-tasting box if you’re treating someone extra close to you — look for something that’s filled with potentially new-to-them varieties so they can expand their horizons this holiday season.

Give a Uniquely Foody Fragrance

The holiday season is rife with beloved fragrances, from cinnamon and clove to peppermint and white fir. While spices and mints will forever reign supreme, there’s room for more than just a handful of scents during this time of the year. When your recipient is an established foodie, you have even more reason to go all out with experimental and unique fragrance blends that will please them.

Candles are available in hundreds of holiday-worthy aromas that fill the air with rich, festive notes. Combinations like ginger/pear, nutmeg/vanilla, and blackcurrant/thyme lend any space in the home a warmer and more inviting feel while adding a subtle glow to the room. Plus, candles are often highly decorative and ready for gifting. If you’d like to give a home fragrance that isn’t a candle, try a room spray or an oil diffuser.

Make Lunch an Easier Affair

If they’re known around the workplace for their epic lunches, it’s a given that they probably don’t bring it along in a plastic bag. Or they might — but they likely could benefit from a high-quality lunch box that keeps all of their ingredients in the right spots while in transit. There are many different styles available, and they’re worlds away from the types you may have carried to school as a child.

Today, there are lunch carriers that resemble chic tote bags for the fashionable foodie in your life. There are insulated bags that keep every single item inside at just the right temperature until it’s time to dig into lunch. There are even cooler-style lunch carriers, some of which include plates, cutlery, and glasses. Talk about a special gift!

Go for the Sweet Treats

When all else fails, stick with something sweet and delicious. This could be a suitable gift idea for a white elephant exchange at the office or for someone who you know enjoys desserts but who isn’t especially close to you. You may want to give a little something as a gesture of goodwill and your appreciation for them — and that’s a wonderful way to celebrate the season in all its glory.

Just about everything imaginable is on the menu, making it even more fun to select something. Maybe a tin full of butter toffee is in order, or a tub full of mouth-watering caramel popcorn. Chocolate-coated nuts, boxes full of peppermint bark, or cookies in festive holiday-themed tins are sure to go over well. As you shop for Christmas food and beverage gifts, you’re sure to find thousands of delicious options.

Shopping for the foodie in your life will likely make your own mouth water while you’re picking up desserts, chocolates, nuts, and more. With so many options available during the holiday season, you may just want to pick up something for yourself, too!


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