Gift Guide 2023 on a Budget

Gift Guide 2023 on a Budget

There’s truth to the famous adage: It really is the thought that counts. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you choose to give to someone for the holiday season, so long as it comes straight from the heart. It’s the thought and intention you put into selecting something that really counts. When your loved one can tell that you’ve considered their needs and preferences, they’re far more likely to appreciate the gift.

Even if you happen to be on a strict budget, you can find plenty of wonderful gifts that will delight your recipient. These are the types of presents that will undoubtedly make their season bright! Many of them come in at under $25, making them such good values that you may even want to purchase something for yourself. Here are some ideas.

Shawls and Wraps

The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year to surprise someone with a warm and cozy shawl or wrap. This cold-weather essential is the perfect finishing touch for an outfit that calls for an additional warming layer or for tossing on with a sweater or a long-sleeve top. Choose from a variety of options: you’ll find every color of the rainbow, including reliable neutrals like black, grey, and navy, plus vibrant colors ranging from pastels to jewel tones.

In the midst of it all are eye-catching patterns that set the shawls and wraps apart from everything else in their closet. Whether you choose a timeless plaid or a Fair Isle print, you can bet these will fit nicely into any wardrobe. Plus, they offer an incredibly low and reasonable price point — and you can even make your gift extra personal by having it monogrammed for a small additional fee.

Personalized Ornaments

Why not make all of their holiday seasons brighter forevermore? You can all but guarantee the end result will be exactly that when you surprise your loved one with an ornament that’s been personalized with anything from their name to the date to the name of someone extra-special to them.

What’s great about Christmas decorations like these is that they’re incredibly personal. You not only have the opportunity to customize it with a word or name of your choice but also to select a design that will resonate with your recipient in a meaningful way. You might choose a specific type of animal, for example, or an image of scenery that you know they would appreciate. No matter your choice, you can be confident they will be delighted because you put so much thought into selecting the right one for them.

Cozy Blankets

This is, of course, also the time of the year when temperatures begin to nosedive. The colder it gets out there, the more tempting those relaxing evenings at home seem to be — and the more likely it is that they’ll wish they had a warm blanket to wrap around their shoulders or to toss over themselves and the kids when they curl up for movie night.

This is where you come in — and why you just might want to surprise them with an ultra-soft fleece blanket this holiday. Just about as plush as their favorite robe, these blankets are available in an array of beautiful colors ranging from easy neutrals to richer and darker tones. You can even make it extra personal by customizing it with their monogram. Nestle the gift in a stylish box, and you’ve got yourself a high-end piece of bedding with a beautiful presentation that is sure to take their breath away.

Towel Set

A great set of towels can be a game-changer. Just ask anyone who has spent far too much money shopping around for a high-quality product that doesn’t shed or thin over time. Usually, quality issues like these come down to lower-quality materials that aren’t designed to hold up well through multiple uses and washes.

When you opt for supima cotton towels, however, you flip the script entirely — and you can show your recipient what a big difference the right material can make, too! Whether you give a single bath towel or make it a set by putting together a few different sizes, you can pick up several for a reasonable price. You can even have them monogrammed, a lovely gesture whether you’re giving towels to your grandparents, parents, or a good friend. Whatever the case, that personalized touch makes all the difference to the quality of your gift.

Travel Cases

If you know that their favorite place is the road and they’re the type who plans their next vacation before they’ve even returned home from the current one, you probably won’t go wrong with a cute travel case that they can use to store smaller items during their journey. An item like a zippered pouch is ideal for storing anything from a passport and identification card to small cosmetics.

Fanny packs are also ideal for the tourists in your life. They’re among the best travel accessories you can give to a person who enjoys wandering around new towns and wants to keep all of their essentials within easy reach around their waist. These bags are practically designed and reasonably priced — and they happen to be pretty trendy again, too.


Even if you’re on a budget, you can be confident you’ll find a great gift for everyone on your list. The keys are to choose with intention and to be open to the possibilities. When you select a gift that truly connects with them on a deeper level, you can be confident that it will go over well and be met with joy!


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