Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2021

Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2021

While you could get him some new tech that he’ll replace by the holidays, what if you got Dad the type of Father’s Day gift that’ll last? We’re talking about something he’ll love through countless barbeques and lake endeavors: Durable, comfortable clothing. This Father’s Day, find the gift that fits him best.

What Swim Trunks are Best for Dad?

Maybe you haven’t ever seen your Dad wearing his swim trunks around the yard. Maybe that’s because he has never owned trunks designed for anything more than jumping into the water. Luckily, we’re in a totally new era of men’s swimwear. Dad can now enjoy trunks and UPF 50 shirts designed for so much more than making a splash. Today’s swimwear is great for everything from yard work to washing the dog. This year you’re sure to give him the best swimsuit he’s ever had.

Does Dad Like Slippers and Robes?

Yes, and yes. Dad has yet to ask for replacement slippers even though the ones he has are “in a state” (as Mom might say). They’re often found in the dog’s mouth and don’t get properly cleaned as regularly as they ought to. Now’s your time to shine. This Father’s Day, get Dad a cozy robe and slippers. If Dad does go through slippers faster than gym socks, get him an upgrade to clogs. In them, he can check the grill or go out to the mailbox without bending over to tie his shoes. Hey, it’s the little things.

Do Work Shirts Make Good Gifts for Dad?

Of course. After all, where is Dad now? Chances are he’s tinkering, fixing, or chipping away at a project around the house, in the garage, or down in the basement. Dad’s constantly finding things to do. The best shirts for craftsmen are durable button-ups with one or two front pockets. Breathable cotton or linen shirts are best. Plus, they’re easy to toss in the laundry after a hard day of work. A reliable work shirt for Father’s Day is a practical gift for any handyman.

What is a Good Gift for a Golfer?

Dad may hook his drives pretty frequently and he might have a subpar (terrible) short game but you can ensure he looks like a pro. Get Dad the right clothes for the game he loves to play. Polo shirts are the go-to favorite of most golfers. Up Dad’s game by giving him a polo designed with great features like moisture-wicking fabric and UPF 50 sun protection. That way Dad won’t have to worry about anything except his swing. Why not throw in some golf pants, too? Find golf pants that will keep Dad cool out on the green all day long. Great gold pants are made to regulate temperature and they have UPF 50 sun protection, too. Getting Dad new golf clothes will open up his game to a whole new level of comfort and keep him safe from the sun.

Do Vests Make a Good Gift for Dads?

Absolutely, every Dad needs a vest (or five). After all, Dads love to layer. Consider getting Dad a new vest for Father’s Day. A worthwhile vest lasts forever. A fleece vest will keep him warm and will become an essential winter layer.

Is it Okay to Give Dad a Pullover?

Remember, the last fleece pullover Dad bought for himself was around 1996. It’s safe to say, restocking his pullover selection would benefit us all. Time to get Dad a pullover from the 21st century. Carefully selecting a high-quality fleece pullover for Father’s Day will ensure Dad has a new favorite fleece to love for years to come.

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