Getting Back to Work With an Updated Routine

Getting Back to Work With an Updated Routine

Getting back to work after some time off may be a bit of a struggle for some. You may have become used to a new routine, such as staying up late and waking up later, cooking all your lunches at home, or having more time to spend with the family pet. Plus, if you’re heading back to the office, you might have to get used to once again wearing appropriate office clothing (such as work dresses or blouses), making small talk with your colleagues, and sneaking out for some time to yourself during your breaks.

Even if you’re returning to work but will be working virtually, you’ll have to get used to a new routine to be as productive as possible. Though you may be excited and grateful to return to work, there’s no denying that you may feel nervous. Whether you’ll returning to work in person or online, follow these tips to elevate your routine.

Mentally Prepare With Self-Care

Returning to work may cause you to feel a bit anxious. You got used to your day-to-day routine so that you may be wary of the unexpected. That’s why it’s vital for you to find ways to relax to help you mentally prepare for returning to work. Perhaps you can start to journal the night before. Or, you can have a relaxing dinner with friends, your family, or even yourself! Find enjoyable things to do to keep your mind occupied. Once you officially begin work, keep self-care in your routine.

Figure Out Your Wardrobe

Hanging out at home means comfortable women’s loungewear, athleisure, and sleepwear. However, returning to work means rethinking your day-to-day attire. First, review your company’s dress code. Then, check to see if you’ll need to add new Monday–Friday apparel to your wardrobe. If your job is in a casual office, you have more options. However, if you’ll be working in a more formal workplace, you may need such items as silky blouses, button-down shirts, dress pants, and pumps. Even if you are working from home, you’ll still want to look presentable for meetings, so check to see what your wardrobe lacks.

After beefing up your work-ready wardrobe, try to plan out your outfits for the week. That way, every night before the next workday, you can lay out what you’ll be wearing, which will save you plenty of time in the morning. Finally, update your work tote or tech bag if needed, and make sure you have all work essentials packed the night before.

Work Better Sleep Into Your Schedule

Work can be stressful—there’s no denying that. Therefore, it’ll benefit you to establish a better sleep routine so you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Try to head to bed earlier (if it helps, stop watching television and put away your devices a couple of hours before heading to bed). Find a consistent time to both go to bed and wake up. Finally, consider improving your bed, mattress, pillow, and bed sheets. High-quality and comfortable materials can work wonders when it comes to better sleep.

Plan Out Your Day the Night Before Work

Try to plan out your workday the night before to be more productive. You can make a list in your work notebook, using an app on your phone or on your computer. Make sure to check your work calendar and block out any meetings, which can affect how much you are able to accomplish that day. Having a list of tasks will allow you the satisfaction of checking each task off as you finish it. Additionally, if you don’t finish everything on your list, you’ll know how much you have to do the next day.

Give Yourself More Time in the Morning

Try to give yourself more time in the morning rather than having to rush to work. You’ll then have more time to tidy up, eat a healthy breakfast, take the pet out, spend time with family, and safely arrive to work (if you’re returning to an office). You’ll feel more relaxed and ready to take on the day. Plus, you may have more cushion time at the office before other workers begin arriving. If you need to catch up on a few minor tasks or desire to brew your coffee at work alone, what better time to do these tasks than in a quiet office?

Take Your Breaks

Finally, remember to take your breaks. While you’re readjusting to working again, you may feel a bit exhausted. So, take your meal and other breaks to relax in between work tasks. Better yet, incorporate your breaks into your day-to-day routine. Try not to eat lunch at your desk (or, if you do, log off for at least a little while). Plus, use your mental health days, sick days, and vacation days when necessary.

Getting back to work may be both exciting and scary. If you’ve gotten used to laid-back days at home, don’t worry under a cozy fleece throw! You’ll readjust in no time. Treat yourself with self-care while still planning to be as productive and positive as possible.


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