Best Gender-Neutral Cottagecore Looks

Best Gender-Neutral Cottagecore Looks

Get ready for fall and winter by stocking your wardrobe with cottagecore clothing and accessories. There are also home furnishings that fit this aesthetic, which can be described as country-inspired with a fairytale touch. Picture a rustic stone cottage situated on a grassy meadow filled with wildflowers—then think of what you’d wear to fit the setting to get a better idea of what this style is all about.

What are Gender-Neutral Apparel Pieces?

If you prefer gender-neutral apparel—also known as unisex apparel—you’ll be pleased to learn it’s easy to put together a gender-neutral wardrobe in the cottagecore style. In basic terms, unisex apparel works for everyone. Think cozy loungewear in neutral tones for casual days. If you want to put together a dressier look, corduroy is your best friend when it comes to cottagecore.

Classic corduroy pants with a roomy neutral-hued sweater is one outfit to consider for your unisex cottagecore wardrobe. Men’s and women’s jeans and denim overalls can also serve as a gender-neutral foundation for a cottagecore outfit. Plaid or checked flannel shirts work well with jeans, or you can reach for a turtleneck and vest. Finish the look with brown boots in a rugged style, which aren’t just stylish but also functional for yardwork and gardening—two outdoor activities that fit the cottagecore lifestyle.

Indoors, you can capture this aesthetic by baking homemade bread or curling up by a sunny window with a throw blanket and a good book. Throw blankets in flannel or fleece in a rustic print are an option to consider. When dressing for the occasion, go for loungewear separates made with ultra-cozy flannel, sherpa, and fleece. Although we’ve already touched on plaids and checkered prints as part of this fashion aesthetic, you can also work botanical motifs and stripes into the mix. Women’s and men’s sweatpants with a sherpa-lined hoodie and cozy slippers is an outfit idea that’s gender-neutral and cozy enough to be considered cottagecore.

The Unisex Cottagecore Capsule Wardrobe

You’ve probably heard of a capsule wardrobe for the office, but you can also create one based on your favorite aesthetic. As a side note, you can likely wear cottagecore apparel to the office as long as you keep the overall look business-casual. Here are some tips for creating a cottagecore capsule wardrobe that you can adapt to many occasions:

Choose neutral-hued separates that go well together, such as white, black, oatmeal, taupe and similar colors .Accent neutral tones in your wardrobe with colors inspired by nature, such as sky blue, grass green and hues you’d find in a blooming bouquet—yellow, pink and lilac are three examples. Vintage-inspired fashions are a must-have for this aesthetic. Pleated pants with collared button-downs and vests are some apparel examples that can be mixed and matched with other pieces. Layers never go out of style, and they’re a part of the cottagecore vibe. Vests and cardigans sweaters are two versatile pieces you can wear over button-down collared shirts, turtlenecks and other tops.

These are just a few strategies for building a wardrobe that fits your preferred style. You can even incorporate the cottagecore look throughout your home, which we’ll discuss next.

Cottagecore for the Home

When it comes to achieving a cottagecore décor style, put comfort front and center. Overstuffed sofas and chairs with casually tossed blankets and throws are a good place to start. Accent the floor and treat your feet with an area rug in a rustic or antique-inspired print.

Lighting also can’t be underestimated when it comes to decorating your living space. The soft glow of candles —whether they’re the real thing or the flameless variety—is essential. You can hang fairy lights along curtains and around doorframes and light your living room or bedroom with a ceiling light made with rattan or another natural material.

Keep your space organized with laundry hampers and seagrass baskets. Any type of wicker, rattan, or seagrass is an ideal accent to a cottagecore design style. Another area of your home where you can add aesthetic accents is the front porch. Welcome mats made from rugged natural fiber are a good place to start, and you can also add cozy seating and outdoor lighting.

More Tips for Achieving the Cottagecore Aesthetic

Now that you know more about creating a gender-neutral cottagecore wardrobe, the next thing to do is shop. Try different apparel pairings to find the looks that make you feel best. This aesthetic is not just for fashion’s sake but also for practicality and comfort. As mentioned, cottagecore clothes can be worn for all kinds of activities, whether you’re gearing up to plant a rose garden or enjoying a staycation with plenty of cozy amenities. The best thing about apparel and home fashion styles like cottagecore is that they’re very adaptable to many style preferences and lifestyles. There aren’t any fashion rules to follow, so have fun with it and choose your favorite pieces.


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