Fun Ways to Dress Up for a Virtual Holiday Party

Fun Ways to Dress Up for a Virtual Holiday Party

Fun Ways to Dress Up for a Virtual Holiday Party

With the approach of the holiday season, businesses are once again wrestling with the decision of whether to have their parties in person or virtual. You may be tired after months of virtual events and looking forward to showing off your new holiday party dress and mingling with coworkers and friends. However, if the powers that be have decided to go the virtual route, don’t despair. Read on for some suggestions for fun ways to dress up for a virtual holiday party.

Wear Your Ugly Sweater

The popularity of ugly holiday sweaters has exploded in recent years. No longer are these sweaters limited to Christmas themes. These days, you also can find ugly sweaters celebrating—or making fun of—Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the Chinese New Year, not to mention winter in general. Sports aficionados can purchase ugly sweaters showcasing their favorite teams, while fans of some television shows or movies can find related ugly sweaters. Dress down your <strong>custom business casual pants</strong> (/Business-Uniforms/Pants-%26-Shorts/Casual-Pants/c/1.4.2 ) with your favorite ugly sweater. Do keep in mind that you will be attending a party at which your managers will likely be present, so save your raunchier sweaters for when you celebrate with friends.

Get Comfy in Lounge Pants

If you are attending a virtual holiday party with a casual dress code, consider wearing holiday lounge pants. Like ugly sweaters, lounge pants come in colors and patterns that reflect various winter holidays. Make sure your lounge pants aren’t too snug to avoid any awkward mishaps. Pair your lounge pants with your <strong>custom uniform work hoodie</strong> (/Business-Uniforms/Shirts/Sweatshirts/c/1.1.6) for a look that suits the more casual holiday mood. Don’t forget your coziest holiday socks or slippers! Grab a mug of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee to sip while you’re lounging in front of your computer screen.

Don Some Headgear

Now is the perfect time to show your office spirit by wearing one of your <strong>custom company beanies</strong> (/Promotional-Products/Hats-%26-Visors/Beanies/c/4.2.2). However, if you can’t find yours, don’t despair. To really get in the holiday mood, search out a pair of holiday-themed headband boppers featuring your favorite holiday decoration. If you want to go one step further, choose boppers that light up. If you’re not into headband boppers, try a novelty plush hat—when else will you have the opportunity to wear a Christmas tree or a menorah on your head?

Add Some Accessories

If wacky headgear isn’t your cup of tea, consider adding some holiday accessories to your outfit. Wear some sparkly snowflake earrings. Put on a light bulb necklace. (Be sure it lights up; otherwise, what’s the point?) Add a Santa or reindeer figure pin to your outfit. (The pin, too, should light up; extra points if it’s the figure’s nose.) If you are a collector of holiday socks, don your favorite pair. So what if your fellow partygoers won’t see them—you still will!

Even if you don’t have holiday accessories per se, you can evoke winter by throwing a scarf around your neck or putting on a pair of touch-screen or fingerless gloves.

Go for Some Sparkle

If you want to dress up for your virtual holiday party, snowflake earrings aren’t the only sparkly things you can wear. Swap out your <strong>custom business workwear</strong> (/shop-custom-logo-uniforms/featured-shops-business-uniforms-by-style-business-workwear.html) for something a little fancier. Put on that little black dress that’s been tucked away in your closet or the new party dress you’ve been waiting to wear, and then do your makeup as if you were going out on the town. Add your favorite chandelier earrings, and you’ll be party-ready when you settle down for your virtual event. And if you want to keep your slippers on, go for it—no one will notice your feet.

Set the Scene

Some people enjoy changing their backgrounds when they are in virtual meetings. Make your meeting background part of your wardrobe. Images abound on the internet. You can choose a background in different ways: for example, to highlight the particular holiday you celebrate or to complement your outfit. Of course, if your home is decorated for the holidays, you can also try to adjust your computer screen so that some of the decorations show behind you.

Options for Men

Men, too, can wear their favorite holiday clothes and accessories—ugly holiday sweater, silly headgear, and the like. In addition, men can dress up their <strong>custom business shirts</strong> (/Business-Uniforms/Shirts/c/1.1) with holiday bowties or neckwear. It’s even possible to combine formal and casual with an ugly sweater tie—just don’t forget the matching socks.

What you end up wearing will depend on the theme and the tone set by the party host. Regardless, with a little creativity and maybe a drop of snark, you’ll be able to put together a fun outfit to dress up in for your virtual holiday party.