Fun Summer-Themed Gifts to Give Dad

Fun Summer-Themed Gifts to Give Dad

Many dads, no matter their age, tend to be creatures of habit. Whether it’s their favorite living room chair, their go-to pair of jeans, or the very particular way they choose to pack a car for a camping trip, this is definitely part of what we love about them. Since dads often find what they like and stick to it, it can sometimes feel like the gifts we pick out for them feel a bit repetitive year after year. The good news is there are a ton of creative presents you can put together for your dad to show how much you appreciate him. And if you use the list below to inspire your gift, you might just be responsible for adding a new and exciting thing to your dad’s go-to rotation.

Whether you’re shopping for a dad with a summer birthday, looking for a perfect father’s day gift, or simply wanting to bring a little sunshine into your dad’s life (and closet), you’ll be set with any of these summer-themed gifts.

Summer-Ready Loungewear

If your dad loves to lounge, then some upgraded loungewear may be the perfect summer gift for him. Thanks to options like comfy men’s lounge shorts, dads can relax in style in the warmer months. We love this gift idea since it’s quite possible your dad hasn’t purchased new loungewear in, well, forever, and a pair of shorts in comfy-sweats material will likely become his new go-to bottoms. Opt for a color like light gray or sun-washed red to stick with the summer theme.

Complete this gift with a new summer read so your dad can kick back in his new favorite lounge shorts with a great book. Bonus points that he can do all of this from that chair of his!

Swimwear for Fun in the Sun

Any dad will appreciate a new pair of men’s swim trunks. Starting the summer off with fresh swimwear is the best feeling because it’s a sign of all the fun things to come. Go for a print like beach umbrellas or pineapples to really amp up the excitement with this gift, especially for the dad who only has one or two solid-color swim trunks. While he might be a bit wary of diving right in when he sees these, these will quickly become his favorite pair once the compliments start coming in. And for the dads who already like to rock bold prints, then he’ll simply appreciate the chance to build out his repertoire.

Add a new tube of high-quality sunscreen to the gift bag since dads of all ages should be prioritizing sun protection! No one wants to kick the summer off with a sunburn.

Water Shoes for Water Adventures

Men’s water shoes are the perfect gift for the dad who loves to spend the summer adventuring. Water shoes are a great upgrade to any beach, lake, creek, or pool day since they provide the comfort and protection he’ll need to focus on enjoying the activity. These provide a great alternative to that old pair of flip-flops or, for the dad who likes to go, rogue when it comes to making waves, he’ll be surprised at how quickly these become a summer essential once he leaves the day with his feet in tip-top shape. Whether you opt for a simple slip-on pair or a style with laces, your dad will love how no-fuss and practical these quick-drying shoes are.

Include a summer-themed card that outlines a fun water activity you and dad can do together to make this gift feel even more special.

Polos Make a Perfect Gift

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for any dad, look no further than a new men’s polo shirt. Polo shirts look great on any dad, regardless of their body type or age. Opt for a short-sleeve polo shirt in a traditional fit and a comfy material like mesh for a shirt that’s as summer-ready as it is timeless and versatile. If your dad already likes bold prints, pick one or two of these tops that feature a fun, summer-themed pattern, and if your dad is more about the neutral or solid colors, go for something like a pastel that’ll help him expand his repertoire without going overboard. No matter what color or print you choose, we guarantee that this will become your dad’s new favorite shirt for backyard grilling or any form of summer socializing.

Complete this gift with a barbecue-centric cookbook or, if he’s not as much of a BBQ guy, then opt for a similar style book all about summer cocktails or whatever his favorite warm-weather activity might be!

We hope these summer-inspired gift ideas leave you feeling ready to put together the best gift for your dad yet. Regardless of your dad’s age, tastes, or build, these versatile gift options are sure to please.


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