4 Fun Staycation Ideas for Families

4 Fun Staycation Ideas for Families

No matter what our routines look like, all of us need a vacation from time to time. And while there's certainly something exciting about jet-setting to a faraway destination, a staycation can be the perfect way to enjoy quality time and break out of your routine without having to deal with travel logistics. This can be especially true when you have kiddos to think of (queue the iconic "Home Alone" airport scene here) or if you don't necessarily have the time or bandwidth to plan a huge getaway. Staycations present the perfect opportunity to create memories with your family and do something fun and different, all from the comfort of your home (or a nearby locale).

Of course, even a staycation will require some planning and prep. The good news is that with a little creativity, you can easily plan a memorable weekend or event that the whole family will absolutely love. Read on for four family-friendly staycation ideas that'll be fun and memorable for everyone.

Pick a Theme

Who doesn't love a themed event? From little ones to adults, having a theme can make any occasion feel that much more special and fun. So, make your staycation even more memorable by picking a theme. Let everyone know the theme in advance as a way to get them totally hyped up for the weekend and then plan activities and meals around that theme.

For example, if there's a movie or TV show that everyone in the family loves, pick a theme that relates to that film or show. Is it set in Italy? Then opt for Italian food for the weekend and set the table with cute Italy-themed place settings (you can turn this into a DIY activity, too!), and throw on the movie or show to kick off the weekend. If you have a long weekend planned, you can even pick a different theme for each day, or let everyone in the family pick their favorite theme to change it up for each day of the staycation.

Plan a PJ Party

There are few things in life more iconic than a classic pajama party. This family-friendly activity is the perfect way to bond and create lasting memories for the whole crew. Start by getting into matching family pajamas, and once everyone is ready, gather all of the throw blankets and bedsheets in the house to build an epic fort in the living room or den.

You can make the fort extra cute by adding some string lights and throw pillows. Next, you'll want to pick a family-friendly movie to watch from the fort or some stories you can tell around a little camping lantern in your cozy hideaway. And, of course, no PJ party would be complete without ordering a few pizzas and popping some popcorn to snack on!

Campout in the Backyard

Speaking of a camping lantern, another super-fun, family-friendly staycation activity is a backyard campout. Pitch a tent in the backyard and make it extra cozy with blankets, sleeping mats, and even some special personalized sleeping bags. For little kiddos especially, they'll love treating this as a full-fledged camping adventure, so help them pack their backpacks with all of the campout essentials, like flashlights and kid-friendly bug spray.

You can spend the day playing games in the backyard, and for dinner, grill out or even cook on an open fire if you have a fire pit at your disposal. After dinner, gather 'round for some tasty smores and campfire stories, and make sure to get in a bit of stargazing before retiring to your cozy tent for the night.

Relax During a Spa Weekend

Everyone, no matter their age, needs a relaxing break from time to time, so why not plan some fun at-home spa activities for your staycation? You can plan everything you would for a standard self-care weekend, but simply tailor it to make it family-friendly. Of course, the exact spa activities you plan should be based on the age of your kiddos, but there are definitely some standbys you can count on. For example, you can put out some plush, fresh bath towels, and then look for things like kid-approved face masks and nail polish (if age-appropriate!) that you can set up as little stations or activities.

Next, kick back in your comfiest robe, and help your little ones get ready in their kids' robe, too. Enjoy snacks like fresh fruit, put some calming spa music on the speakers, and voila! You've got a relaxing and rejuvenating staycation activity that the entire family will love.

With one (or a few!) of these activities on the agenda, you're right on track to have an epic staycation with your family. From telling stories around the fire pit to cheesing in your matching PJs (ideally with some cheese pizza nearby, too), both kiddos and adults alike will create lasting memories. And as an added bonus, none of those lasting memories will include a mad dash through the airport!


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