Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids

Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids

When there’s heavy snowfall, there’s always a chance school will close. For kids, this is one of the highlights of winter. They get to stay home, enjoy the day off, and play in the fresh powder. It’s not always as exciting for parents, though. Having to work from home and look after kids at the same time can feel like a daunting task. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun, easy ways to keep them entertained. Read on to discover our best activity picks for kids the next time you get snowed in.

Build Snow Sculptures

Funnily enough, a snow day is the perfect time to break out the kids’ beach toys from summer. The plastic buckets and shovels they use for sand also work great for snow. Kids can enjoy hours of fun building their own snow castles, snowmen, and snow forts. For added excitement, whip up some snow paint for them to decorate with. Simply mix water and a few drops of food coloring into different spray bottles. Kids can squirt it on their snow sculptures to finish off their masterpieces.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

A winter scavenger hunt is another great way to keep kids entertained for hours on a snow day. You can set one up inside or outside, depending on the weather. Simply hide a few treats or small gifts around the house or backyard. Then, give kids a list of clues to solve or objects to find, depending on their age. The first to find the final prize wins the game!

Make Winter Crafts

If you can’t convince the kids to go outdoors, keep them entertained inside with winter-themed crafts. There’s so much to try, from homemade play-dough to origami snowflakes. Choose something age appropriate, gather the necessary supplies, and set up a workstation. The internet is a great resource for crafting; use it to find ideas, tutorials, and free printables. Many education websites, for example, offer free coloring pages and activity worksheets for download.

Have a Fireplace Picnic

Make lunchtime a memorable snow day event by having an indoor picnic. Prepare some drinks and finger food and lay down a throw blanket in the living room. You can always use a tray or folding table to hold the cups and plates. For added coziness, set up the picnic in front of the fireplace or heater with a few throw cushions.

Watch a Movie

Watching movies is a classic cold-weather activity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Get into the snow-day spirit by picking a title with a winter theme, like Frozen, Home Alone, or Happy Feet. Then, set the little ones up on the couch in their coziest kids’ pajamas and break out the snacks. Keep it classic with a fresh bowl of popcorn, or make it fun with a homemade hot chocolate bar.

Decorate Cookies

Baking fresh cookies and decorating them is another great way to enjoy a snow day indoors. Depending on their age, kids can get involved at every stage of the process. All you need is a cookie recipe, the ingredients, icing sugar, and a few decorating tools and supplies. Using plastic lunch boxes is an easy way to sort and store toppings. Think sprinkles, chocolate chips, gum drops, and fondant candy.

Play Games

When it’s too cold to play outside, keep the kids busy with indoor games instead. You can break out the board games, set up a game of charades, or plug in the game consoles. For active kids who need to burn more energy, consider an indoor obstacle course. You can use objects around the house to set it up, like buckets, hula hoops, and bean bag chairs. Indoor bowling is another option, too. All you need is some empty bottles or cans and a few balls to set up.

Enjoy a Spa Day

Kids can benefit from relaxation and rejuvenation treatments, too. Let them enjoy a spa day at home with some kid-friendly DIY treatments. You can make homemade masks from scratch or soak your hands and feet for a mani/pedi. Organize a few supplies and set the mood with calming music. Then, put on your bathrobes and get ready to enjoy some pampering. Your spa day can also include mindfulness activities for kids, like journaling, coloring, yoga, or meditation.

From snow sculptures to home spa treatments, there are plenty of ways to keep the kids entertained on snow days. These activities are all adaptable and can be enjoyed alone or with minimal supervision, depending on their age. This keeps them busy and gives you time to take care of your other responsibilities. Bookmark our handy list for any time you need a quick, fun idea on a snow day.


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