7 Fun Outdoor Activities to Try This Spring

7 Fun Outdoor Activities to Try This Spring

Spring is the best season for spending time outdoors and exploring the natural world around the year, no matter where you live. Especially if you have little ones to entertain, springtime provides plenty of opportunities for fun outdoor activities. Not only is getting outdoors great for everyone’s physical and mental health, but it’s also fun. So, pack your lunchbox and get ready for a springtime neighborhood adventure. Here we have compiled seven of the best fun outdoor activities to do with the whole family this spring.

Go for a Hike

Spring is the best time of year to explore the great outdoors. You don’t usually have to go far to find a good hiking spot either. Hiking on designated trails of the nearest state park or forest is always a hit with adults and kids alike. But it can be just as fun to stay close to home and explore your local park or go for a jaunt around the neighborhood.

Make a day of it if you can! Simply don your favorite women’s activewear, grab the kids, your partner, or some friends, and pack a picnic-style lunch.

Go Bird-Watching

You can bird-watch at the park, in the woods, or even in your backyard. You won’t even have to change out of your women’s loungewear to participate in this activity. You can partake from the comfort of your porch!

Get a bird-watching book, or look up a reference guide online to identify local birds. Look up how to play bird bingo and get the whole family involved in this fun and educational game this spring.

Have a Picnic

First, decide where you want to picnic. A local park is a great choice, but you don’t even have to leave home to have a great spring picnic: your backyard is also an excellent spot for a picnic. Pack a picnic of easy and healthy foods, like sandwiches and carrots and apples. Don’t forget to stay hydrated with water and juices too.

Just spread out a throw blanket and, if you want to get really cozy, some pillows. Then spend the afternoon enjoying your springtime picnic.

Organize a Trash Cleanup

Get the whole neighborhood involved, or simply go out with the family. Pick up trash in your neighborhood or pick a local area that you may have noticed needs a good cleanup. Wear gloves and bring large trash bags. This is a great activity, especially for the younger ones, to get outside, foster community involvement, and make a difference.

That said, this is an activity that can be a little dangerous without taking proper precautions. So remember to put safety first! Don’t do cleanups along busy roads, and don’t pick up any biohazard waste, like needles. Make sure the little ones are wearing close-toed shoes like their kids sneakers.

Plant a Garden

Having a family garden is a fun and beautiful way to connect with nature and foster a love for the outdoors. It can be a great learning experience for the kids too. Springtime is the best time to plant your family garden and watch it grow all summer long. You don’t have to plant a huge garden requiring constant upkeep to get the most out of this activity. Simply planting a few herbs or vegetables in pots can be just as fulfilling.

If you are spending all day in the yard gardening, make sure you use sunscreen and wear long-sleeve activewear tops to protect your skin from the sun while you work.

Go Camping

Who doesn’t love a family camping trip? Springtime is a wonderful opportunity to take the family on a camping trip. Make it extra special for the kids by giving them their own personalized sleeping bags.

If you are not feeling motivated to pack up the car and drive the whole family to a campsite for the weekend, camping in your backyard can be just as fun.

Find a GeoCache

GeoCaching is a popular and fun activity to get the whole family moving outdoors. This app, and others like it, guides you to hidden treasures that you can locate using GPS and directions written by other users. You will find a box full of notes and trinkets. The idea is to take a trinket and leave a trinket. This can be done almost anywhere in the world, even in your neighborhood. Simply download the app on your phone and start hunting.

Create a Nature Scavenger Hunt

If apps and hunting for trinkets don’t strike your fancy, consider exploring your neighborhood by creating a nature scavenger hunt for the kids. It’s such a fun and active springtime adventure that we encourage this exploration even on overcast days. The occasional sprinkles of rain from spring showers may reveal nature phenomena (such as frogs and tadpoles!) that you might not easily find on a sunnier, drier day. Just be sure you are your kids wear your best rainboots to go splashing around in the rain and mud!

Spring is finally here and has granted us many opportunities to get out and find fun things to do outside. Happy spring and happy exploring.


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