Fun Halloween Party Games for Adults

Fun Halloween Party Games for Adults

You’re hosting an adult Halloween party! Having a few games ready to go will make it more fun and relaxing for everyone. And games are for kids of all ages!

Games that are the Easiest to Plan (and Pull Off)

Let’s start with the games that are the easiest to put together. It’s a great idea to have a few games up your sleeve to keep the party lively or to tap into that festive feeling that’s already in the air. Halloween movie trivia is an ace in the hole. Go online and find some trivia questions, jot them down on 3 x 5 cards or on your phone, and you have instant entertainment. Almost everyone has their favorite Halloween movie moments, whether they’re classic flicks with Jamie Lee Curtis where they can recite all the lines. Maybe it's a monster movie that's so bad that it can’t help being funny. If you have a good-sized group, split up into teams to make it even more fun.

Halloween charades are another great option that requires little to no preparation. You can jot down Halloween-related items (e.g., items like jack-o-lanterns, Halloween movie titles, etc.) and put them in a bowl to be drawn out. Players then act out the word or phrase without words while their team guesses.

"Never have I ever" is another easy game that will get the crowd laughing. One player starts by stating something they have never done with the phrasing “Never have I ever …”. Players begin by holding up all ten fingers. If they have done the action the player stated, they put down one finger. The game goes on until each player is eliminated. The player with the last unfolded finger wins the game. Make sure to know your audience with this game, as it can get out of hand!

Games That Take It Up a Notch

Hosting a murder mystery Halloween party can be great fun! You can find free murder mystery games and scripts online. Guests can be notified in advance about what character they will be playing so they can come in full dress, you can have a box of props available for them to use, or everyone can just use their imagination (and their fake accents!) to find out whodunnit.

A Halloween costume contest is fun and easy. You only need to have guests in costume, a few ideas for costume categories, and some silly prizes. Depending upon the party, some guests will probably arrive in full Halloween regalia, and others may have almost no discernable costume at all like classic women’s jeans and a women’s white blouse combination with goofy spider earrings. Make sure to create categories for winners that can include everyone (e.g., scariest costume, most creative costume, most authentic costume, best couples’ costumes, etc.). Everyone doesn’t have to win a prize, but you want everyone to feel included and entertained.

Dancing can be one of the best parts of a Halloween party. It’s fun for everyone who's brave and or silly enough to step out onto the dance floor and for everyone else watching. You can play Halloween-themed music if you like and “freeze” the music by stopping it suddenly. Guests will need to “freeze” at the same time. Be sure to take plenty of photos to share with the group, as this one can get hilarious.

Games in the Great Outdoors

Bobbing for apples is not just for kids! Make sure to have beach towels handy for your guests. They can drape them like aprons while bobbing or use them for a full clean-up if necessary. Consider placing a few bath mats under them too so things don't get too slippery. After capturing an apple, make sure to have warm caramel available so they can make their caramel apple. Less adventurous guests can enjoy being spectators for the apple bobbing while making their own s’mores or caramel apples to enjoy.

A pumpkin carving contest is a natural choice for an adult Halloween party. Buy plenty of small pumpkins in advance and have plenty of easy-cutting tools handy. Another option is to have a pumpkin painting contest. Either way, set up a table with pumpkins, decorating supplies, and an area to display everyone’s final work. Prizes can be given out for categories like a costume contest (e.g., scariest, most creative, silliest, etc.).

Having a warm fire outside with hot apple cider in mugs can provide just the right ambiance for a cozy and spooky good time as you hang out wearing barn coats or women’s fleece jackets. Don’t forget the hats and gloves if the evening is chilly while playing and relaxing outside. Fleece is a natural, but the warmth of wool is always a good choice.

Whatever games you choose for your adult Halloween party, relax and have fun. You get to play, too!


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