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3 Fun Fall Projects for the Family

The fall season is a great time for indoor crafts, especially when the weather gets chillier. Active kids can expend energy outside before going inside to work on these craft projects. If your kids are outdoor-oriented, we've got a natural item treasure hunt to get the project started. The fall season has so much to offer, from educational opportunities to pumpkin spice. With these fun family activities, you'll be sure to enjoy this fall fully!

Start Your Crafting With a Natural Item Treasure Hunt

Many of our projects require leaves, so where our projects start is with a fun walk around the neighborhood gathering fallen leaves. So have the kids grab their kids' hoodies and kids' hats because there might be a chill to the air now that its fall. We've got lots of warm clothing to choose from that will have your kids toasty all season long.

If you have a backyard, you can have extra fun outside raking leaves and piling them up. The kids can splash around, throwing leaves in the air and jumping into the piles. You will create fantastic fall memories. Don't forget to get pictures for the family photo album.

It can be a fun treasure hunt, with many opportunities to talk about trees, their life cycle, and seasonal changes. Many animals during this season are starting the hibernating process and stocking up on food. It's a great time to discuss these changes in animal behavior with your kids. Depending on the area you live in, you may be able to gather an assortment of leaves; they'll look great on the crafts. Acorns and pinecones make for great crafting as well.

Get Ready for Some Awesome Crafting

Now for some crafting. The kids can wear their ultra-comfy kids' slippers. We have a vast assortment from printed or solid color suede moccasins to cool animal fleece slippers. We also offer fuzzy bootie house slippers that will have them cozy all day long. So we've got you whether your kiddo likes unicorns, marine life, or rocket ships.

Our first fall activity serves a great purpose of decorating glassware for either holding candles or just decoration. Things might get messy, so have wash rags at the ready. You'll need mason jars, mod podge, and pressed leaves. From here, it's all about creative flare. The activity is super easy for the kids; they put mod podge on the mason jar, stick the leaves where they want them, and mod podge another layer. It's that simple. Not only have you crafted, but you've also created decorations for the Thanksgiving table to hold candles in (led if you're not a fan of open flame) or just general fall decorations to place around the house and get everyone in the fall spirit.

The next project is a fall decorative banner. To make the banner, grab some twine or yarn and cardstock. Punch holes in the top of the cardstock to thread the string through so you can hang the beautiful artwork. With two different versions, you'll be able to give the kids creative liberty to make their own choice. The first option requires apples - slice them in half, paint the open face, and press on the cardstock to leave an apple-shaped print. The kids can draw on stems and seeds with black or brown marker. As a second option, pressed leaves can be either glued directly on or painted and used as prints—either way, they make for an excellent decoration to put on the mantle.

Cute Fall Fox Craft

Another craft idea is making fall foxes. To make these little cuties, you'll need leaves (stems cut off), small pom poms, googly eyes, and cardstock. Glue the pressed leaves on paper with the stem side pointed up and tip down. Glue two tiny triangles (preferably the same color as the leaf) in the top corners to act as the fox's ears. Then attach the googly eyes and a pom pom for the nose. Your kiddos will love these adorable fox faces; try not to get the 'The Fox' song too stuck in your head.

These crafts are an exciting opportunity to talk about the cycles of nature. You can wrap up crafting with some reading together. Reading together is an excellent opportunity for family bonding and can help your kids learn about the world around them.

When it comes down to cleaning up, our seagrass storage baskets or canvas storage baskets can be a handy way to store your crafting goods, while looking aesthetically pleasing in the home.

Fall brings so many activities for the whole family. So gather around the kitchen table for some crafting and fun. Wrap day with hot cocoa to make everyone happy and end the day on a sweet note.


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