Fun and Active Beach and Pool Games

Fun and Active Beach and Pool Games

The warmer weather is here, and with it comes some extra time for fun in the sun! People of all ages can have a blast at the beach or the pool with these ideas. So grab your beach towels and favorite swimsuits and get everyone in the family involved. Or you can head out with a group of friends and try these ideas to stay active and entertained all summer long.

Beach or Pool Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a blast, and you can easily set these up for your next beach or pool adventure. If you’re planning ahead, you can make printouts or cards with the items people need to find, but you can easily do an impromptu version of the hunt as well. There are a few ways to do it. Either have the participants physically present their found items at the end of the hunt, or they could snap pictures on their phones to show they’ve found the different items. You can make this even simpler for young kids by giving them a shortlist of things they will need to look for, then hunt together around the beach or pool area. The great thing about this game idea is that you can easily customize it to any age or difficulty level, plus it gets everyone active while urging them to use their brains! Along with common beach and pool items, you may want to consider throwing some unique things into the mix, such as a specific type of bird to look for or a specific color of a seashell.

Sand or Water Charades

Everyone loves charades, but you can do it a brand-new way at the pool or beach! Instead of having individuals act something out for others in the group to guess, participants could be forced to only use the tools at their disposal, like sand and water. If you’re at the beach, give people a set time limit to create a sculpture out of sand that the others in the group must guess. If you’re at the pool, throw on your rash guards, get in the water, act it out, and have others guess. This adds a new element to a traditional game with loads of fun on the beach or in the water.

Sun Screen Slather

It’s no secret that when you’re spending the day at the pool or beach, applying (and reapplying) sunscreen is essential to cover all the areas of your SPF swimsuits or beach cover-ups don’t cover. So turn it into a game that gets everyone moving by making it a race or a contest. Have individuals or pairs put sunscreen on completely, and the person to get it done first (and correctly) will be the winner. This can be an especially great activity for kids who aren’t fans of reapplying sunscreen!

Beach or Pool Bag Race

If you’re looking for a fun way to get kids or friends active when they need a break from being in the water, consider using the necessities at your disposal and turn them into a fun game. Have individuals or groups grab the pool or beach bags they’ve packed with all their essentials and head to a clear area where you’ll have some room. When a designated person says go, each person or family group will take everything out of their beach or pool bag as fast as they can. The person or group that takes everything out and puts it all back the fastest will be the winner. Is there an ice cream shop or slushie stand nearby? Treat everyone, winners and losers alike, to a treat to end the day.

Win, Lose or Draw — Sans Paper and Pen

Along the same lines, you can play a version of the classic win, lose, or draw — or just basic Pictionary — at the beach or pool. If you’re playing at the beach, you’ll need a stick, sand shovel, or some other item that will be sturdy enough to create pictures in the sand. Just be sure you’re far away enough from the incoming tide, so your pictures don’t get washed away! If you’re at the local pool, have players use a squirt gun or a small water pail to create the pictures. Again, the results will be fun, get everyone up and moving, and chances are it will be hilarious as well.

Simple Water Contests

A great way to help kids or friends have active fun at the pool or beach is to create simple water contests. For example, if you’re at the beach, challenge one another to see who can jump the most waves. Or see how many times players can race to the edge of the water and back up to the beach. Likewise, see who can do the most jumping jacks or arm circles in the water if you're at the pool. These simple games can provide some much-needed active entertainment to break up lounging time in the sun or floating spells in the pool. Plus, it's great for all ages.

Have Fun With Active Classics at the Beach or Pool

Of course, you don’t always need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to fun and active games at the beach or pool. Instead, consider classic games that everyone loves, such as Marco Polo or water tag. Bring a football, Frisbee, or volleyball to the beach and have fun with these tried-and-true games. You may even want to bring back some old-fashioned games, such as hula-hooping on the beach or water basketball at the pool.

Stay Safe, Active, and Keep Having Fun All Summer at the Beach or Pool

Whether you create some original pool or beach games that get everyone moving, or you turn to those oldies but goodies everyone loves, you can have a blast at the beach or pool this summer. Make sure everyone is safe and careful as they’re getting active, and these beach or pool games will be sure to keep you having fun and building memories.

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