From inside to Outside: Layering Fleece for Spring

From Inside to Outside: Layering Fleece for Spring

Spring is a wonderful season when the weather warms up during the day, and people start spending more time outside again. However, this transitional season often involves cold mornings and evenings, which can complicate your outfit choices. Thankfully, the key to all-day comfort lies in layering your clothing.

While there are many options to choose from, fleece is one of the best materials for springtime layering because of its excellent performance in a variety of environments. Whether you need to wear a women’s fleece vest at the office or don a women’s fleece jacket for a morning run, you have plenty of options for staying warm during the colder parts of the day. Here are some more layering tips that you can use with fleece this spring.

Fleece Jackets for Morning Walks

If you have a dog that loves walks or if you enjoy exercising outdoors, you know that the weather won't stop you from going out. Having essentials like a men’s fleece jacket made with moisture-wicking fleece is just what you need to get through the chilly parts of spring.

This type of outerwear makes you more confident about going out and staying comfortable even when the temperatures remind you of late winter. And, best of all, fleece is excellent at giving you a full range of movement with blended synthetic materials that can also be integrated with spandex.

Beat the Bus Stop Blues

In the spring, it can be challenging to convince your child to wear a jacket when the weather gets warm in the afternoon. In addition, warm weather can make it easy for your child to forget a full-fledged jacket. Thankfully, you can solve this problem by giving your kids lightweight kids’ fleece jackets. These are made out of thin, thermal materials that are brushed lightly to insulate without weighing your child down. Long story short: they are just warm enough for those chilly mornings that aren't cold enough for a real down jacket.

They're also easy to fold up and pack into a backpack at the end of the day. Plus, since fleece is an economic material, you don't have to cry over any lost jackets. Instead, you can get a few fleece jackets in different colors as insurance for those days when your child accidentally forgets their jacket at school.

Layer Underneath Your Fleece

What you wear under your fleece outerwear also matters. Depending on the area that you live in, you may be okay with just a ¾ sleeve tops or t-shirt under your fleece.

If springtime in your area is more typical of "sweater weather", then you should be comfortable when you wear a cozy womens’ sweater under your fleece jacket with high rise jeans and boots.

Keep Sweat in Mind

When you layer with fleece, it's important to remember your body's typical comfort level with springtime weather. If you're prone to sweating easily, you should scale back your layers to include breathable cotton or active materials. This helps you have stylish options underneath your fleece so you can shed layers quickly and easily.

It's also wise to pick colors that don't show underarm sweat spots, like white or black, so you can feel confident when you have to take off a layer. Spring is quite unpredictable and afternoons can easily become balmy, so having strategic layers that you feel right about wearing in public is important.

Fleece Pants for Total Comfort

After all this talk about fleece jackets and vests, it's easy to forget about what you wear on your legs. Fleece pants and shorts can become some of the very best things you wear this spring. They're great for early morning bus stop moments or an evening jog after work, and they're just thick enough to keep the chilly winds at bay while being able to wick away moisture and sweat.

Fleece shorts and sweatpants are also excellent for the gym during springtime because of the same reasons. Plus, they're simply stylish and have a relaxing mood to them. You can wear them anytime you like when you need to get more zen in your life.

Wearing fleece in the spring is a great way to stay warm without overheating or feeling sweaty. Which outfits do you want to try this springtime?


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