Fringe With Benefits

Fringe With Benefits

Fringe has made its way in and out of the fashion spotlight for decades, from 1920s flapper dresses with fringe to snazzy suede leather cowboy jackets with fringe sleeves in the ’70s. Turns out, we just can’t get enough of fringe because it’s back in full force in 2023! There are so many ways to wear fringe pieces. And in this post, we will look at a few of the trendiest ways to wear fringe this year.

A Fringe Dress for a Night on the Town

Fringe is quite a fashion statement, especially when it’s a chic fringe dress designed for an evening out. Whether going dancing with your favorite gal pals, getting ready for a thrilling first date at an elegant dining establishment, or meeting friends for drinks in a fancy new lounge, a fringe dress is a great way to flex your fashion muscles.

There are countless fringe dress styles, including mini dresses constructed with fringe all over to chic bodycon dresses with a fringe hem detail. Another fabulous look is a short party dress with fringe sleeves. You can pair a dress style like this with long white chunky heeled boots to perfect a 70’s party girl vibe. Additionally, fringe dresses come in a variety of styles, colors, and prints. For an elegant look, opt for darker, solid tones like deep purple or midnight blue. If you are getting ready for a fun dance party, shop for fringe dresses in bold, bright colors, fun patterns, or equally eye-catching details like sequins or sparkles.

A Fringe Handbag

If you aren’t quite ready to take the full fringe plunge, start with a smaller fringe item, such as a cute, mid-sized handbag or a clutch purse. Many handbag styles look fabulous with fringe detail. Like dresses and other articles of clothing that incorporate fringe, you can find fringe handbags in countless colors, styles, and prints. Looking for a laid-back, daytime handbag? Opt for suede or leather handbags with fringe detail. In need of a flashy fringe handbag for a night out? Get a sparkly clutch purse with a fringe trim.

Style Up With All the Fringe Tops

Fringe tops are very in vogue this year, and the endless variety of fringe tops in different styles will give you plenty of opportunities to create fabulous new outfits. If you are looking for fringe women’s tops that you can seamlessly transition from a daytime to a night-time look, opt for softer, neutral tones like a cream colored sweater vest with a fringe hem. If you are shopping for summer apparel or cute tops you can wear for a fun night out, explore crop tops, halter tops, and backless tops with a fringe front or fringe hem. Fringe can be worn throughout any season, so if you are looking for long-sleeve options, shop for ¾ sleeve tops (/shop/3-4-sleeve-tops-women/S-xfe-xez-y5c-xh1-xul-xec) or full-sleeve tops with fringe cuffs.

Fringe Bottoms

You can find fringe bottoms ranging from women’s skirts to dressy pants that serve to accentuate the rest of your outfit. If you are shopping for fringe skirts, you can find them in a variety of styles, including western-style skirts with a fringe hem, fringe mini skirts, and fringe midi skirts with other stylish details like sequins or fabrics like velvet.

When wearing fringe bottoms, pair them with a non-fringe top to create a polished, clean look. If you have too much fringe on the top and bottom, it may distract from making the fringe bottoms the focal point. Fringe skirts, whether full-on fringe or just a fringe detail, look fabulous with neutral-toned women’s blouses, form-fitting tank tops, and luxuriously soft sweaters.

Fringe Shoes and Accessories

You don’t have to purchase fringe clothing pieces to enjoy a bit of fringe and infuse it into your outfit. As mentioned in the handbag section, you can start small with fringe accessories, including purses, shoes, and jewelry. If you love debuting fabulous new shoes on the regular, jump on board the fringe train and invest in a pair of fringe boots. Fringe boots come in many styles and lengths, including chunky heeled ankle boots and long equestrian boots with a fringe back. Fringe boots are perfect for any woman looking to incorporate a retro ’70s or western look into her wardrobe. They pair well with mini skirts and knee-length skirts as well as dresses in a variety of styles.

Looking for summer shoes? Treat yourself to a pair of chic sandals with fringe detailing. Along with women's sandals, accessorize with fringe jewelry such as colorful fringe dangle earrings and elegant silver or gold fringe necklaces.

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