Fall Fun for The Whole Family (That's Totally Free)

Fall Fun for The Whole Family (That's Totally Free)

Have fun with your family this fall for free with these ideas. You don’t have to spend a lot—or anything at all—to enjoy a family fall activity. We’ve put together some ideas to help you make the most of fall without spending a dime:

Explore a Fall Festival

Many community fall festivals have free admission. Gather your family and outfit everyone in apparel that’s comfortable for walking on a cool fall day. Although these events have food and merchandise for sale, there may be free attractions. Plus, you can do some window-shopping while getting a gentle workout and enjoying valuable family bonding time.

Leggings and a tunic top with an open cardigan sweater is an outfit idea for a fall festival. Just add a fashion scarf and women’s boots and you’re all set. There are comfy men’s sweatshirts and sweatpants for the guys, along with cargo pants, which are both practical and stylish, and Supima cotton T-shirts. Kids can wear layered outfits to ensure all-day comfort and shoes with a supportive, cushioned footbed and slip-resistant outsole.

Take a Hike

Hiking is another family fun activity you can do this fall that may not cost a cent. It all depends on where you go. While some hiking trails may cost money to access, others are free of charge. A quick internet search can lead you to no-cost hiking trails near you, and you may even find reviews of the trail from other hikers. Make it a group date by inviting another family with kids to join you. On the hiking trail, larger groups are often safer. Plus, as the saying goes, the more the merrier.

When it comes to dressing properly for a hike, this is another occasion where layers are your best friend. The entire family can stay warm in kids, men’s, and women’s straight leg jeans and flannel shirts. Depending on the weather, you may want to layer a Supima cotton T-shirt under the flannel or a warm turtleneck. If you’re not sure what the weather’s going to do, have every family member tuck a packable rain jacket into their backpack or tote. Another thing the entire crew needs are a pair of sturdy hiking boots and boot socks.

Jump in a Leaf Pile

If you live in an area with trees or you have a friend or family member who does, participate in the time-honored fall tradition of leaf-pile jumping. This sensory pursuit isn’t just for kids, although most kids love it. All ages can revel in the cushiony feel of the leaf pile, the crunchy sound of leaves rustling and the earthy fall scent released when you jump in.

Dress for the occasion in a water-resistant jacket and a pair of jeans. Kids’, women’s and men’s sweatpants and sweatshirts are also good for leaf-jumping. When it comes to shoes, you can wear athletic shoes or boots, whichever you prefer. If it’s chilly or windy, accessorize everyone’s outfits with unisex winter hats, scarves and gloves. These items come in luxe cashmere, ultra-warm wool and high-performance synthetic fabrics such as acrylic and polyester.

Have Family Game Night

Dust off those old board games and call the kids to the kitchen table for family game night. If you have multiple board games in your collection, hold a family vote to decide what to play. Refreshments are a must for family game night, so have plenty of healthy snacks and drinks on hand.

Everyone can wear cozy sweats or another type of loungewear for maximum comfort. There are joggers and sweats for the whole family, and everyone likely has their favorite T-shirt. Cozy slippers or slipper socks can also add to the comfort factor of game night.

Watch a Movie Together

Another activity you can do as a family is watch a movie. You don’t have to go to the theater to do so, either. Whether you reach into your DVD collection or find a classic film on TV, there are plenty of ways to find free movies. Libraries rent movies for free, and some local cinemas do sometimes host free movie showings for the community to enjoy.

The same fashion suggestions for game night apply to movie night, unless you’re going out to a free movie in town. Loungewear is an excellent family apparel option, or you can outfit everyone in flannel pajamas. Matching family pajamas are fun to wear during the holiday season. Put on a Christmas movie or your family’s favorite TV special and treat everyone to a festive beverage like hot chocolate with a candy cane garnish or holiday sherbet punch.

Now that you’ve got some ideas, talk to your family to see what they’d prefer. The best free activities are the ones that everyone can enjoy. For more ideas, contact your local Chamber of Commerce and inquire about free family-friendly areas in your town or city.


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