4 Tips to Make Your Work Outfit Date-Friendly

4 Tips to Make Your Work Outfit Date-Friendly

When you’re getting ready to head into the office, you likely keep your work calendar in mind as you get dressed. After all, if you have a big meeting or a presentation on your agenda, you’ll want to dress accordingly by adding a blazer to your look or wearing your nicest pair of work slacks. Beyond thinking about the workday, though, you also have to take into consideration any post-work plans you might have. Even if you think you could have time to head home between work and your evening engagements, unexpected tasks or a meeting that runs late could get in the way of your ability to pop by your house to change.

That’s exactly why it’s always best to head into the workday totally prepared for your evening when you have a weekday date night on your agenda. Whether it’s a date with someone new (yay!) or your weekly date night with your significant other (also yay!), you’ll want to opt for an outfit that works just as well for the office as it does for your date. Read on for our top four tips for picking out a work outfit that’s as date-friendly as it is office-ready.

Wear a Flattering and Trendy Top

When thinking about outfits that are both office and date friendly, there are certain styles of women's blouses that translate super easily from the workplace to your date. You’ll want to pick a versatile blouse that’s modest enough for the workplace without being stuffy, that’s flattering and trendy while still looking professional, and one that you’ll be comfortable in throughout the workday and into your evening.

The most important thing to consider here is the style of top that you feel most confident in, as that confidence is really what looks best on everyone. For example, if you love your silhouette in a tunic top, you can build your outfit around a flattering tunic top that’s office friendly.

Or, if you’re more into the way you look in a super on-trend short-sleeve button-down, pick your favorite one and build your ‘fit around that. With a flattering and trendy top on, you’ll feel confident and comfortable, which will then make you feel as ready for the workday as it does for date night.

Pick Stylish Yet Comfortable Bottoms

Once you’ve picked out a top that translates seamlessly from the office to your date, you can choose your bottoms accordingly. You’ll want to go for bottoms that are as comfortable as they are stylish, as you’ll be wearing them throughout an entire workday and your evening, as well.

For example, a pair of wide-leg capri pants can be just as perfect for the office as they are for an evening date. With a trendy wide-leg style and an elastic waist, these effortlessly chic bottoms provide all-day (and evening!) comfort, without having to sacrifice your style.

Go With a Date-Ready Dress

Women's dresses are also a great choice for an office-ready look that’s also date-friendly. Work dresses already feel like a bit of a life hack, since they instantly elevate your look with minimal effort.

Go with a dress that’s professional enough for the office while also feeling cute and stylish enough for date night. A trendy cotton poplin button-front dress works great here, as you can easily add a blazer layer to this if you have an important work meeting or presentation, and then swap the blazer layer out before your date (more on this below!). Or go for a flattering mock neck shift dress that you can style for the office and then for a dressy date simply by adding some drop earrings or switching out your flats for a pair of kitten heels.

Plan Your Outerwear Accordingly

No matter what the weather is like in your office (likely an arctic chill going on, if we were to take a guess!) or when you head into work in the morning, you’ll want to keep your evening plans in mind when you pick out your outerwear. If your office gets chilly, you likely already keep a women's cardigan sweater at work, which can be a great layer to bring along for a date, as well. This is also a super simple option if you want to ditch your blazer at the office before heading to your date.

Of course, depending on the plan for your date and the season, you might also want to bring along a date-friendly women's coat. If you’re heading to a restaurant, a music venue, a bar, or a theatre for your date, you’ll want to be sure to pick a coat that’ll keep you warm while you’re in transit, but not one that’ll be too bulky if you have to carry it with you during your date. So, opt for something like a snazzy duster with a flattering belted waist or a polished peacoat that complements your outfit.

By picking out a top that’s as trendy and flattering as it is professional, going with complementary bottoms that are as comfy as they are stylish, finding a dress that’s professional without feeling stuffy, and choosing the perfect sweater or coat layer, you’ll be totally set to head from the office to your date. Whether it’s a movie night or a romantic dinner date, we hope it’s one for the books!


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