4 Beach Cover Ups Perfect for Lounging Around in the Sand

4 Beach Cover Ups Perfect for Lounging Around in the Sand

Is there any better way to celebrate the summer than lounging around on a sandy beach with the sound of the waves in your ears and the warm sun shining on your skin? Despite wanting to soak up all the fun in the sun, we want to do it in style, but we also want to be comfortable doing it. While you might be the type who’s fine with just a regular swimsuit, there are times when a cover-up can be helpful, such as when you want protection from the sun or you simply want a more modest look when you’re not splashing around in the water. There are so many cover-ups to choose from, though — and they’ve come a long way from the typical kaftan cover-up you might think of when thinking about swimwear. Not sure where to start your search for the perfect beach cover-up? We’ve got you covered. Here are four great styles to consider next time you’re lucky enough to be lounging in the sand.

Rash Guard Cover Ups

When it comes to the ultimate beach cover-up, a women's rash guard checks all the boxes. If you’re not familiar with rash guards, they were basically created for surfers so they wouldn’t get rashes from the friction against their surfboards. They’re basically short- or long-sleeved shirts that you wear over your swimsuit top, but they’re more complex and all-encompassing than just a basic T-shirt. The best rash guards will protect your torso and arms from damaging UV rays. But they won’t make you feel hot or soak up any water when you get wet — they’re quick-drying, comfortable, and stylish. You may not even be able to tell that they’re intended for the water when looking at them, as they have so many different style offerings. Just throw it on over your bikini top, and you’ll not only be protected from the sun but also have the freedom to run in and out of the water without taking off your cover-up and putting it back on again.

Skirt Cover-Ups

Sand is great when it’s warm and dry. But it isn’t as great when it’s wet and sticks to everything — including yourself. Sure, you might be sitting on a beach towel, but sand has a habit of getting everywhere, and for that reason, a beach skirt cover-up is great for slipping on and off in an instant. Whether long, short, or a little bit sassy with a slit up the side, there are lots of different skirt cover-ups to choose from that are easy to pull on over your suit or off in an instant.

Sarong Cover Ups

Sarong cover-ups are cool because of their versatility. You can style a sarong in so many ways, such as a one-shoulder dress, a simple skirt tied at the front or side, or a strapless dress, among many other ways. You can even turn a sarong into a jumpsuit!

Smart beachgoers have sarong beach wraps in a variety of colors and patterns to match whatever swimsuit they feel like wearing that day.

Cover-Up Pants

When comfort is a priority — and that includes protection from the sun — cover-up pants are great. They’re gaining popularity now, which means you’re sure to see a lot more of them in the coming years. Look for comfortable, stretchy fabric with UPF 50 sun protection. The pants should be lightweight with a waistband that lies flat for comfort. Cover up pants are especially great if you’re prone to bites from those little sand flies or mosquitoes. They’re so comfy, you’ll feel like you’re in your pajamas at the beach. Still, you’ll look smart and stylish, especially at a nighttime beach bonfire or for strolling along the boardwalk.

When it comes to swimsuit cover-ups, there are so many more choices today than there ever were. Some even look like regular clothing, making the ordinary beach cover up a staple piece for summer. For that reason, they’re great for not only the beach, but also for any summertime party. Regardless of the cover-up you choose, be sure to pack one in your beach bag before your next trip to the beach.


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