For What Occasions Should You Wear a Men’s Polo Shirt?

For What Occasions Should You Wear a Men’s Polo Shirt?

In our casual world these days, it can be tricky to figure out exactly how casual is casual and what is best to wear. Men’s polo shirts can help to simplify this. Let’s look at some occasions that are great for wearing a men’s polo shirt.

Business Casual Office

The polo shirt wasn’t invented for wearing to the office, but there is hardly anything better for a business casual wardrobe than having several men’s polo shirts in classic colors like white, royal blue, and navy. The collar on the polo shirt will help you to pass almost any business casual dress code with flying colors while keeping you comfy from nine to five and beyond.

The key to looking professional while wearing a polo shirt is what pants, footwear, and belt you choose for the rest of your outfit. In some work environments, a neat pair of jeans may well be fine, but in others, a pair of dress pants or chinos will be required. Use the old rule of dressing not for the job you have but for the job you want. Look at what the guys in the office who are a level or more above you are wearing and take a cue from them. Unless yours is the most casual of offices, make sure to include a men’s belt and matching pair of leather shoes. This will take you from casual to casual and polished.

Casual Lunch or Dinner

If you know the restaurant markets itself as “casual,” you should be good to go with a polo shirt, neat pants, a belt, and nice shoes. A polo shirt is especially helpful in those instances when you don’t know how everyone else will be dressed or if a nice T-shirt and men’s jeans will fit the bill. A polo shirt is an instant upgrade from the nicest of men’s T-shirts by virtue of its greater structure. The collar and banded sleeves just look more “finished.”

You can even throw a sports coat over a polo shirt to dress it up a bit. This can be a controversial move as some sartorial purists believe that only long-sleeved men’s shirts should go underneath a sports coat but depending upon the occasion and the company you will be sharing it with, it’s an easy option for going from day to evening.

Golf or Tennis

Golf and tennis are natural choices for a men’s polo shirt. Whether you pair your polo with golf pants or men’s shorts, the crisp look and breathability of a polo shirt is a great choice. Polo shirts are designed for movement outdoors yet meet higher dress codes (either written or understood as tradition) than many other men’s activewear options.

White is always a great choice (and sometimes a required one) for tennis, but depending upon where you are playing and with whom, a colored polo can be a fun choice. If you will be at a golfing club as a guest, make sure to ask what the appropriate attire is before you go. Your polo shirt can even take you from the court or the links to sharing refreshments outdoors afterward.


If you are making a summer vacation travel list, be sure to include your polo shirts! They are among the most versatile choices that you can make, so they are fantastic for travel. You can either fold them like a dress shirt or roll them up in your luggage and then transfer them to a hanger when you reach your destination. Still a bit wrinkled despite your best efforts? Hang them in a steamy bathroom for 20 minutes, “pull” them back into shape on the hanger, and you’ll be good to go.

Polo shirts are the perfect choice for traveling. Everything from planes, trains, and automobiles where you will need a breathable shirt and when you want to look like a polite tourist can all be solved with the right polo shirt. From traveling en route to sightseeing to boating and more, your polo shirt is a great travel companion.

Anywhere “Casual” When You Aren’t Sure

Figuring out how casual is casual doesn’t have to be tricky. When in doubt, if it says “casual,” throw on a pair of men’s chinos with a white polo shirt, a belt, and a pair of leather shoes, and you will fit right in.

If you have ever considered putting together a capsule wardrobe, make sure to have a couple of polo shirts (probably one in white and one in a medium blue) included. Having great wardrobe staples like that on hand can make getting dressed and looking great from a hassle to a no-brainer.

Add a polo shirt or two to your wardrobe. You’ll be glad you did!

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