For What Occasions Should You Wear a Men’s Polo Shirt?

For What Occasions Should You Wear a Men’s Polo Shirt?

There are few shirts as versatile as the men’s polo shirt. At once casual and put-together, comfortable and stylish, the polo shirt has long been a go-to for men who want a timeless look for any occasion. The great thing about the polo shirt is that it has the comfort and fit of your average T-shirt, with the slight upgrade of added buttons and a collar at the neck, adding the refinement of an oxford shirt without too much formality.

Originally designed as a men’s sport shirt in the early 1900s, specifically for sports including golf, tennis, and yes, polo, the shirt has become a fashion staple for men and women alike, both on and off the playing field. Often associated with the preppy style of the college fraternity, the shirt can be designed and styled to fit nearly any lifestyle. But on what occasions should you wear a men’s polo shirt? The shirt is ideal for a wide array of events, depending on how you style it. Here are our suggestions.

Wear It to the Office

The polo shirt looks great at the office, where its business casual nature fits in perfectly. For those who want to be comfortable all day without looking like they just rolled out of bed, the polo shirt automatically adds a sense of being put together with its classy collar and buttons. Try a polo shirt with a pocket for a fun addition to the look. Pairing the polo shirt with a pair of men's dress pants works well for a big meeting or if you’re giving a presentation and want to be on your fashion A-game. In the summer, dress it down with a pair of shorts and flip-flops for casual Friday. But most days, the polo shirt looks perfect with a pair of jeans or chinos and a sharp pair of sneakers.

Wear It to Play Sports

Bring the men’s polo shirt back to its roots by sporting it during your next game of golf, tennis, or whatever other activity you find yourself playing. The shirt’s knitted cotton weave offers a breathable fabric that’s great for physical activity, allowing your body to properly ventilate as it heats up. Often seen on golf and tennis pros around the world, the polo shirt gives an air of sophistication to their sporty look, keeping them in style on and off the court. The polo shirt is great to wear when playing casual sports with friends, too, easily shifting from an everyday shirt into the perfect top for a game of pick-up football or frisbee. Pair it with a pair of sneakers and jeans or shorts, and you’re also ready for your daily walk, or power walk, around your neighborhood or through the park with a buddy.

Wear It at the Holidays

The men’s polo shirt really shines when it’s worn to events with family and friends. This is why we love to bring it out at the holidays, when we want to look nice but still feel comfortable and at home with loved ones. The polo shirt is slightly more upscale than the T-shirt, making it special occasion-appropriate while still being an easy top to wear all day. We recommend making it a little extra special by wearing a holiday-themed color: red or green for Christmas, blue for Hanukah, red for Valentine’s Day, or pink for Easter! It’s all about getting creative. Try wearing the men’s polo shirt at any family event, from a birthday party to the fourth of July.

Wear It on Vacation

The magic of the men’s polo shirt is that it really looks perfect no matter where you wear it. You can throw it on for a board meeting with a blazer on top, then hop on a plane after and feel right at home on vacation in it. The polo shirt has an easygoing air that makes it a perfect vacation shirt—its airiness is great for warmer climates, and it looks great with flip flops. You may find yourself putting it on right along with your men's swim trunks before starting up the grill for dinner, or enjoying a beautiful sunset on the beach. To look a bit more polished while on your getaway, pair it with a pair of nice jeans or chinos, and you’re all set for that nice dinner.

The men’s polo shirt is perfect for nearly any occasion, it’s all about how you style it. The shirt itself was designed for comfort while playing sports, so you know it’s going to be a go-to no matter what. But it’s great to have an extra-comfortable shirt besides a men's button-down oxford, for when you want to feel good and look great at the same time. Check out more style suggestions in the posts below!


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