Most Flattering Swimsuits for Seniors

Most Flattering Swimsuits for Seniors

Every woman, no matter her age, wants to look and feel her confident best in her swimwear ensemble. Often, we buy swimwear pieces knowing that we will be going on a long-awaited vacation or attending parties with our friends and loved ones, so being able to relax and enjoy ourselves is of paramount importance. Choosing the right swimsuit generally comes down to selecting something so comfortable and attractive that you simply forget about the swimwear part of the equation and just feel like yourself! Whether you are a senior shopper looking for your ideal bathing suit or you are shopping on behalf of a senior person in your life, let us give you some tips on finding the most flattering swimsuits for seniors.

Stunning in a Swim Dress

You likely know all the basic swimwear styles—one piece, bikini, tankini, swim separates, etc. But have you heard about swim dresses? If not, let us fill you in, because these bathing suits are awesome, and I never say awesome! Swim dresses look great on pretty much every body type, as they provide a lot of coverage and somehow still accentuate the best of a woman’s figure. Depending on the detailing, a swim dress can create a waistline on a straight figure or enhance a small waist and curvy body. Depending on the neckline, a swim dress can showcase your décolletage, minimize your assets, or even prioritize sun protection with a high-necked cut.

Swim dresses for women come in a variety of styles, prints, and colors, but they're all characterized by the dress style. Generally, the skirt portion falls between mid-thigh and the knee, depending on your height, and all swim dresses have a one-piece style suit built right into the dress, so you'll be able to swim or splash in the waves knowing your privacy is completely protected. There is absolutely a swim dress for pretty much everyone, no matter your personal taste or style.

Winning in a One-Piece

Lands’ End's one-piece bathing suits are often the way to go if you're looking for classic, tasteful, flattering swimwear. One-piece swimwear is really just a concept, so these swimsuits are available in endless style options. You really can find just about any combination of cut, features and style to meet your idea of the perfect swimsuit! One particular style of one-piece swimwear that has gained almost universal adoration is the tummy control one-piece swimsuit. Tummy control swimwear features an innovative lining that creates a sleek silhouette, guaranteed to have you feeling confident. This type of swimwear also comes in an array of styles and prints. Opt for a bold print with a V-neck if you want to make a splash, or go for a black scoop neck option for a look that's both modest and elegant.

Happy in a High Neck

Another great option, with a cut that's both flattering and cute, is the high neck bathing suit. While high neck swimwear is available in a plethora of both one-piece styles and two-piece styles, you really can't go wrong with a high neck tankini top. A high neckline provides generous coverage, and is ideal for maximum sun protection, so you can feel both safe and fabulous as you enjoy fun in the sun and water. This style top works best as a mix and match, so you can choose whatever swim bottoms you like!

One look we love is a high neck tankini top featuring a pretty print paired with a high waisted swim skirt in a solid color. The move here is to look for complementary pieces, so if your top has a black base with white flowers, you might opt for black bottoms. Swim skirts provide a sleek silhouette with added coverage while allowing for the same mobility as a standard swimsuit bottom. This winning combination will allow you to enjoy the day in total confidence, no matter what activities you'll be taking part in.

At Lands’ End, we are not big on “should.” What you should do is wear things that make you look and feel absolutely fabulous, because nothing is more flattering on a woman than comfort and confidence. At the same time, we’re happy to help if you’d like; we’ve been doing this a long time and have definitely learned a lot! These are just a few of our notions on the most flattering swimsuits for senior shoppers, and we hope we’ve given you some ideas to get you started!


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