Most Flattering Swimsuits for Seniors

Most Flattering Swimsuits for Seniors

No matter your age, it's important to find swimwear that makes you feel confident and comfortable. We shop for swimwear for plans that are always guaranteed to be fun and memorable like tropical getaways, backyard pool soirees, or beach or lake trips with the family. Those plans are made knowing that we'll be showing a little more of ourselves than usual. When it comes down to picking the right swimsuit, it's really all about what makes you feel your absolute best, because you don't want to let anything get in the way of you being able to let go and truly enjoy the day. Below are some tips to help guide your search so you can focus on having fun in the sun and the waves.

Stunning in a Swim Dress

There are so many styles of swimsuits: tankinis, bikinis, one-pieces, two-pieces, and so on. Any of the various swimsuit styles Lands End offers would be a flattering swimsuit for an older figure. But have you considered a swim dress? If not, it's probably time for you to check these iconic pieces out. We love swim dresses because they look great on all body types, as they have a way of providing coverage while also accentuating natural curves or highlighting the parts of our bodies we feel most confident about.

Swim dresses for women come in a variety of styles, prints, and colors, but they're all characterized by the dress style. Most stop right above the knee and have a one-piece style suit built-in, so you'll be able to swim or splash in the waves without worrying about coverage. Plus, with adjustable straps and various cuts for the neck, you'll be sure to look amazing in this swimsuit style.

Winning in a One-Piece

Lands End's one-piece suits are often the way to go if you're looking for a more modest coverage that is also flattering for all body types. One-piece suits are available in endless style options so you can really choose the cut that makes the most sense for your body and the fun-in-the-sun look you're going for. One style of one-piece swimwear guaranteed to make you feel your absolute best is the tummy control one-piece swimsuit. Tummy control swimwear features an innovative lining that creates a sleek silhouette, guaranteed to have you feeling and looking your best. This type of swimwear also comes in an array of styles and prints. Opt for a bold print with a V-neck if you want to make a splash, or go for a black scoop neck option for a look that's both modest and classic.

Happy in a High Neck

Another great option, with a cut that's both flattering and stylish, is the high neck bathing suit. While high neck swimwear is available in a plethora of both one-piece styles and two-piece styles, you really can't go wrong with a high neck tankini top. The high neckline will provide modest coverage while also protecting you from the sun, so you can feel both safe and fabulous as you enjoy a beach, lake, or pool day. This style top works best as a mix and match, so you can choose whatever bottoms you like.

One look we love is a floral print high neck tankini top with high waisted swim skirt in a solid color. The move here is to look for complementary colors, so if your top has a black base with white flowers, opt for black bottoms. A swim skirt is a great option as it provides a sleek silhouette with added coverage while allowing for the same mobility as a standard swimsuit bottom. This combination will allow you to enjoy the day in total confidence, no matter what activities you'll be taking part in.

Worry-Free in Underwire

Similar to the high neck bath suit cut, underwire swimsuits are a great style of swim top for senior ladies. Underwire swimsuits provide added support for more active days and feature removable cups for a flattering shape. You can find underwire swimsuits in any style you can think of, such as a square neckline for more modest coverage or a V-neck for something a little bolder.

If you're looking for a one-piece, you can opt for an underwire swimsuit in a one-piece style or, if a two-piece is more your thing, pair a tankini underwire top with the bottoms of your choice. As is true with all mix-and-match swimsuits, if you go for a two-piece option, just be sure to choose colors and prints that work well together or go for a solid color in both the top and the bottom. No matter what you choose, the underwire feature will be there to support you as you soak up the rays and splash in the waves.

These are just a few ideas for swimsuits that are guaranteed to be flattering for senior women. Be sure to choose a look that you feel your best in because nothing is more flattering than someone who is feeling comfortable and confident.


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