Which Sweater Neckline is Most Flattering for Me?

Which Sweater Neckline is Most Flattering for Me?

There are so many ways to find the right sweater style, from the fabric makeup to the length and cut, all to way to that special something you just can't pin down. The truth is that when you try on a sweater, sometimes it just screams perfection. Often, the neckline and how it flatters your face and figure will be the determining factor between "fine" and "it must be mine."

Necklines help to draw attention to the areas you love most about yourself, depending on your body type and personal preferences. You may find that you gravitate toward different necklines for different occasions. While a crew neck sweater might give you those comfy fuzzy feelings, a V-neck could be better suited for an outing with friends or a date in the park. From plus size sweaters to the classic cotton cardigans, you can find a variety of necklines to suit your style and add some sparkle to your outfit.

Classic Crew Neck

Crew cut sweaters are a timeless Americana look that offers a mix of classy style and a bit of modesty. Usually rounded and cut just above, or right below, the top of your collarbone, this neckline is best for someone who wants to highlight their face and shoulders. If you have a longer neck, these sweaters really help to highlight that natural length with grace. While any body type can rock a crew neck sweater, those will larger busts may want to find a sweater with a bit more room or movement up top.

Keep it classic with a pair of straight-leg jeans for anything from a grocery run to that bookstore you keep meaning to explore. Or, if you're in need of a sweater that works anywhere, any time, choose a crew neck and your favorite women's sweatpants for the ultimate lounging outfit.

Very V-Neck

The V-neck is often a dressier option, with a ton of versatility. You can wear a women's v-neck sweater to show off the top that's underneath, from a blouse to a graphic T-shirt, or wear it solo to show off your full neckline. If you want to draw focus away from broad shoulders or bring attention to your delicate collarbones instead, a V-neck can do either with ease.

Every body type is flattered by the V-neck, which helps to extend the line of focus and create a slimming silhouette. Because of the range of this kind of cut, you have so much room to play in terms of outfits. You can take it easy with your favorite high rise jeans, or get professional with a pair of dress pants. Best yet, you get to wear any type of accessory easily, from drop necklaces to statement earrings.

Timeless Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are diverse in their fit, from thin and tailored cashmere to relaxed and chunky knits. However, they are consistently a winner for adding length and warmth for any body type. A good turtleneck lengthens your torso and lets you play with proportions as no other sweater can. You can wear a turtleneck tucked into a midi skirt and ankle booties, or get casual with a pair of jeans or linen pants.

A cowl neck is a much looser turtleneck, but still gives off a seamlessly sophisticated and put-together look for any outfit. With the right cowl, you can show off hints of your collarbone gracefully, while still maintaining a great deal of modesty. Cowl necks create the illusion of layers without the added bulk and keep you warm and comfortable all day long. Because of the more relaxed nature of a cowl, we recommend balancing your look with a pair of skinny jeans rather than a skirt.

Magnificent Mock Neck

Similar to both the cowl and turtleneck, the mock neck sweater deserves a space of its own. For those of us who don't love the feeling of a turtleneck hugging our throats, a mock neck sweater is a perfect solution. Offering the illusion of a turtleneck, the neckline lives up to the name. These cuts have a higher collar that can be slouchy, fitted, or relaxed, but one thing is certain — they create a beautiful and sophisticated line that elongates your neck and highlights your jawline and face. Add a pair of small hoop or post earrings to add an extra touch of glamour, and style your hair up in a pony or bun to accentuate the length and lines of your neck and shoulders.

With so many options to choose from, it's important to remember that when we talk about body types, even those are diverse. An athletic body can be lean and tall, or broad-shouldered and petite. The deciding factor for any flattering piece in your closet will come down to how the neckline helps to frame your face and figure. Other things to keep in mind include the fabric, how loose or fitted you want it to be, the colors that complement your complexion, and how it makes you feel. That last part is what we recommend setting your compass to: it's all about you!


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