The Most Flattering Big & Tall Men’s Shirts for Spring

The Most Flattering Big & Tall Men’s Shirts for Spring

There’s no better time to be a man shopping for big and tall shirt styles. As a bigger man, you may be used to the familiar struggle of trying to find a shirt that fits you properly and suits your personality, only to be disappointed when something pulls at your shoulders or is tight and unflattering around the waist. Like anyone, you should be able to look and feel your best when you get dressed. The answer is not changing your body, as some may falsely believe. Instead, the answer is finding clothing that fits you. There’s a wide range of extremely flattering big and tall men’s shirts for spring, so follow these style tips to locate your next favorite shirt as the temperature warms up.

The Well-Fitted T-Shirt

The secret of big and tall men’s fashion is simple: don’t hide! Specifically, don’t attempt to hide your bigger areas in the billowing fabric of an oversized T-shirt. Instead, find a big and tall T-shirt that fits you properly, sitting just at the edges of your body to flatter your particular shape. Don’t big something too small and tight either, as that will just be uncomfortable. A shirt that just grazes your waist looks great with just about anything you pair it with. We particularly like it with a sleek pair of well-fitted jeans and an overshirt or jacket, adding dimension to your look and serving up another flattering touch.

The Right Stripes

Did you know that there are certain kinds of stripes that are more flattering for bigger frames than others? Vertical, as opposed to horizontal stripes, elongate the body, emphasizing your height lengthwise, instead of widthwise. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing horizontal stripes, if you’re looking for an ultra-flattering pattern, try experimenting with vertical stripes! One great way to wear this pattern in the spring is by finding a seersucker shirt that suits you. A short-sleeved seersucker shirt with a stylish chest pocket is just the ticket. Its narrow stripes are so complimentary to your frame, and the light, carefree colors of seersucker are perfect for a spring barbeque or picnic.

The Raglan Tee

A raglan is a great pick for big and tall frames, as it emphasizes the arms and shoulders, as opposed to the mid-section. A raglan, or baseball shirt, is a classic style that’s great for everyday wear, as well as for sports or athletic activities with friends and family. Wearing a raglan shirt is a great way to bring some color into your ensemble, choosing a bright and fun hue for the sleeves. A henley shirt is another excellent big for big and tall frames, with its button-down, casual collar drawing attention to the flattering neckline area and the face, and away from the mid-section. We love these classic men’s styles for being a little different than the average T-shirt while still being a traditional standby of men’s fashion.

Go West

The western-style button-down is another super flattering fit for big and tall frames. Suggesting the old-school look of a rancher or cowboy, the western button-down or flannel shirt fall into the casual shirt category, and are a super versatile style for big and tall men. Perfect to wear anytime, they’re especially good for a more casual day at the office or a family event or holiday. There are so many great patterns and colors to choose from, and while many big and tall men are drawn to darker colors, known for being flattering and “slimming” for any figure, trying out a lighter color or unique pattern for spring is part of the fun.

The V-Neck

Simple and classic, the V-neck is our pick for an everyday spring look for big and tall men. Its sleek neckline draws attention to the neck and collarbones, and is super flattering for any frame. We especially like to pair it under a light jacket or over shirt in the spring, as this helps to give some dynamism to our look, and show off different aspects of our style. A black V-neck is a go-to look for a big and tall man trying to flatter his frame, and we’re all for this color choice. But if you want to mix it up and still pick a flattering color, why not try out a different dark shade, like navy, slate gray, or even a darker red or green? Of course, for spring, you could always choose a bolder color, like a bright blue or red, to try something new. The options are limitless.

Shopping for big and tall men’s shirts can be a challenge, but if you have a little guidance on the most flattering styles, patterns, and colors, it’s a breeze. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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