How to Style Your Jeans with Flannel Button-Downs

How to Style Your Jeans with Flannel Button-Downs

Flannel button-down shirts and jeans are a classic, must-have look this winter season. There are many different ways to wear flannel shirts that won't tire out over the course of the cold weather season. With this style guide to mixing plaid with jeans, you'll be rocking this classic American look with gusto.

Go Skinny

The perfect pair of skinny jeans go well with virtually anything, and flannel is no exception. Wear your button-down flannel either open or closed with this classic look. For darker flannel colors like blacks, dark blues, and green hues, consider a lighter denim to complement the dusky hues and make them pop. Lighter plaid patterns mix well with darker denim. Skinny jeans create balance with the flowy, baggy look of a slouchy button-down flannel shirt. This style is suitable for any body type, Curvier women may want to opt for a higher waist jean to emphasize their curves, while sportier women could rock the low-rise look.

Stand Tall

It's groovy baby, and the high-rise jean look is back and ready to rock. High-rise jeans elongate your legs for a fashion-forward look. You'll want to wear your button-down flannel shirt open with a tucked-in tee to emphasize your beautiful legs. Alternatively, you can wear a buttoned-up flannel, but be sure to tuck it in to show off the jeans. Finish the get-up with a pair of ankle boots with chunky heels.

Get Ripped

Today's denim is almost always of the ripped variety. Ripped jeans of all styles provide texture and intrigue to your look. They match well with flannel shirts to give a laid back, relaxed feel to your outfit. In warmer-weather climates, ripped jeans bring some much-needed air to your legs and help keep you cool. If you live in a colder-weather climate, layer up your jeans with a pair of leggings underneath. Choose bold colors that match the pattern of your button-down flannel for an added pop of unexpected color. Alternatively, use black or even skin tones to layer up in a more subtle way.

If the Boot Fits

When styling flannel with the perfect pair of jeans, don't forget about the fancy footwork. For a classic, Western appeal, couple your button-down flannel with bootcut jeans to match. This is the ultimate in a relaxed, rural look. Wear ankle boots, a cute hat, and a coat with fluffy Sherpa material on the inside to round out the look.

The perfect jeans and flannel shirt demand footwear to match. Select a boot or shoe that best fits the cut of jean you're working with. For example, skinny jeans work well with ankle cut boots, flats, and even knee-high boots. Add in a colorful boot sock to give the bottom half of the outfit added pop. Flared denim works best with chunky boots that bring out the wow factor. Straight cut and boot cut jeans work well with even the most utilitarian of women's winter boots meaning you can go about the simplest chores, like walking the dog, in style.

Empire Waisted

Along with flared pants, the empire waist has made a comeback and we couldn't be more excited about it. High waisted pants are optimal curvy fit jeans since they accentuate your waistline, drawing it inwards without creating too much attention to the area. They also show off curvy hips and backsides, which help women who may be a little boxier in build. Using high-waisted denim with flannel makes perfect sense for a cozy winter look. Just be sure to tuck it all in to maximize the elongating effect of the denim.

Love the Layers

Since you can style your button-down with a basic tank underneath, you've got ample opportunity to show off those layers. Let your basics shine through with a fitted or relaxed fit tee underneath your flannel. Keep the buttons undone and layer on more intrigue with a long necklace to draw the eye inward. Any type of denim makes this look work with ease. You'll have a laid-back sense of fashion that's well-suited for a day at the brewery with your besties or for a few laughs around the campfire.

With so many possible combinations, denim and flannel make it easy to show off your personal flair. From fashion-forward, wide-legged denim to the classic boot cut, there's a look for any occasion. With just a few simple styling tips, you'll be rocking an endless array of cozy, casual outfits all season long.


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