Flannel Shirts for Kids: The Non-T-Shirt Style They'll Actually Wear

Flannel Shirts for Kids: The Non-T-Shirt Style They'll Actually Wear

It's hard compromising a child's desire for comfort with any semblance of put-together fashion. Don't make the same mistake the next time a precious photo op rolls around. Invest in a couple of soft and stylish kids' flannel shirts and pat yourself on the back for finding a non-T-shirt style they'll actually wear (without a fight).

Toddler Boys’ Flannel Shirts

Dress your little man in style for the holidays and pair some cute corduroys with one of our soft and strong toddler boys’ flannel shirts. With several colors to choose from, ranging in sizes from 2T-4T, your soon-to-be big boy will be rolling in style for every picture-worthy moment you place him in this winter.

Pair a toddler boys’ flannel shirt with elastic-waist jeans for a casual outfit that works for school or play. Kids’ flannel shirts layer well over other kids’ tees and tops; for example, you could dress your toddler in a boys’ flannel shirt over a long-sleeve graphic tee with boys’ pull on jeans or knit pants.

For optimum comfort, pair a toddler boys’ flannel shirt with pull-on elastic-waist pants with a hint of stretch. With a percentage of spandex under 5%, this type of blended fabric won’t be too snug, but it will provide for ample freedom of movement. Some pairs have a drawcord for a custom fit, and all make an ideal complement to any classic flannel shirt or even a flannel hoodie.

Boys Flannel Shirts

In the blink of an eye, you went from newbie mother of a precocious toddler to the experienced mom of an energetic (read: clothes-destroying) young man. If it seems like your son is either ripping, shredding, staining, or growing out of clothes faster than you can buy them, then the boy's flannel shirt is exactly what he needs this winter.

Offered in a variety of colors and sizes from S (8) to XL (18-20), there's a boys’ flannel shirt for every school event, picture day, or family party guaranteed to make him look like the nice boy he is—and less like the wild animal he sometimes acts like.

Made from 100% combed ringspun cotton, the fabric of the Lands' End boys flannel shirts is built with stronger and softer yarn. Making him more likely to want to wear them and less likely to destroy them. He'll love stashing his stuff in the front chest pocket, and you'll love that the shallow shirttails look good tucked in or out. Because we all know how often he'll want to tuck in that shirt.

Boys can wear their favorite kids’ flannel shirt with any type of boys’ pants—such as jeans or cargo pants—for a relaxed, on-trend style. For a dressier look that works for fall and winter, layer a flannel over a boys’ turtleneck with chinos. Flannel shirts are versatile enough to go with almost any style of pants, including athletic. Boys’ sweatpants with a T-shirt and untucked flannel is a comfortable, casual outfit that’s also stylish.

Toddler Girls’ Flannel Shirts

There are plenty of outfits you can create around a girls’ flannel shirt. Toddler girls’ flannels come in just as many colors and prints as boys’ flannels do, and they’re just as versatile. Pair one of these soft cotton shirts with toddler girls’ jeggings with an elastic waist and drawcord. Knit pull-on pants with a flannel shirt is another super-comfortable outfit that lets your toddler move freely.

Whether your toddler is going to class or a playdate, a skirt-flannel combo is always a comfortable, stylish, and modest outfit option. Pair a long skirt or tutu style with a matching flannel and add comfortable shoes for a look with casual and dressy elements.

Girl's Flannel Shirts

Our girls’ flannel shirt is a combination of warmth, softness, and style. It's made from 100% cotton and offers a cozy brushed flannel body for softness. Pair this fun look with some stylish skinny jeans or other girls' pants, and we're pretty sure your little-miss-fashion-lover will be smiling.

There are plenty of layering options for girls’ flannel shirts. Girls can wear an untucked flannel over a graphic T-shirt or a tucked one over a turtleneck. Flannel shirts go well under sweaters, whether she prefers a crewneck, V-neck, or cardigan style.

Girls’ flannel shirts come in sizes to fit every body, and they’re available in multiple colors and prints, including classic plaid. Flannels make great birthday and holiday gifts for the girl on your list who loves fashion, and they’re a practical yet trendy addition to any back-to-school wardrobe.

Other Flannel Essentials

Getting the kids to dress up this winter doesn't have to be a challenge. Buy them each a soft and warm flannel they will put on without a fight. And make sure to buy yourself a flannel shirt, too. Women’s flannels come in classic and tunic styles to go with any type of bottoms.

Flannel isn’t just for shirts—there are duvet covers and flannel sheets for adults’ and kids’ mattresses. You’ll even find even matching family pajamas in all sizes, so you can coordinate your crew for a holiday photoshoot or cozy movie night.


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