Best Flannel Shirts That Every Guy Needs

Best Flannel Shirts That Every Guy Needs

Anyone who loves cozy fall wear and classic wardrobe essentials should have at least one flannel shirt in his wardrobe. It’s just easy to throw on whether you are going to a football game, grilling up some steaks in the backyard, building a campfire, or going on a weekend getaway.

No matter where you go, in a big city or out in the country, flannel never fails to fit in. If you’re a man looking to up his flannel game, or you are shopping for a man for the holiday season, for his birthday, or any other reason, here are a few men’s flannel shirts every guy should have.

A Vintage Flannel Shirt

There is something indisputably rugged about a man in flannel. And he’s even more rugged when he is sporting an authentic, vintage flannel shirt. If you find yourself becoming something of a connoisseur of flannel, then you will eventually want to explore even more stylish ways to wear this article of clothing. Fewer things make you feel quite as good as confidently wearing a vintage piece. A quality vintage flannel shirt can often be found in a local thrift store, burrowed somewhere between the bomber jackets and flare jeans. Finding the right vintage flannel shirt is like going hunting. Be prepared for an adventure. But once you find it, it’ll be totally worth it. It’s the flannel shirt you’ll want to wear when you are in a particularly hipster part of town, sipping coffee at an all-organic cafe, visiting a friend’s art opening in an industrial warehouse, or jamming out to an up-and-coming folk band. So why should it specifically be a vintage flannel shirt? Because there is just something about vintage that gives you that extra street cred in whatever artsy setting you find yourself in.

The High-End, High-Quality Flannel Shirt

If a man is looking to have multiple flannel shirts, it’s important to invest in a high-quality flannel shirt that distinguishes itself from all the others in the closet. It should last for years and be made of durable, high-end material to preserve the flannel’s softness and color. Finding that “perfect” flannel shirt is no easy feat. Not only should you focus your shopping on finding high-quality flannel, but you are also tasked with finding the flannel shirt you love. Don’t rush into the purchase of a “high-end” men’s flannel shirt just because it has a hefty price tag. Look at fabric content and weight. Get familiar with the different fits offered. Check out the different color and pattern options to see what will work with your current wardrobe. Finding a high-quality flannel shirt is an art form, but by putting in the effort, you are bound to find a great option that works just for you.

A Heavy-Duty Flannel Shirt

Though flannel is an innately thicker clothing item designed for comfort and warmth, some flannel shirts are more lightweight than others. Those are fine to have, but a man should also keep a heavy-duty flannel shirt in his closet. It should be made out of thicker material like wool that can withstand chilly temperatures. In lieu of a thick flannel shirt, a flannel jacket is a great option. Once you venture into flannel jacket territory, there are so many varieties to choose from, including fleece-lined flannel jackets, insulated flannel jackets with a hood, and flannel jackets with an ultra-soft sherpa interior to be rough and rugged on the outside, yet soft and cozy on the inside. And if you need flannel to keep you warm at night, then you can’t go wrong with men’s flannel pajamas or men's flannel robes.

A Work Attire Flannel Shirt

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a flannel work shirt that makes for great office wear. In addition to casual flannel shirts made for lounging around the house or keeping you warm in the great outdoors, there are flannel shirts that look just as presentable and professional as traditional men’s dress shirts. The key is to avoid plaid and print flannels and stick to a button-up flannel shirt that comes in a solid color like gray heather. The solid gray color looks great with a pair of black or navy blue dress slacks. If you are going to a function where you need to dress up but not dress up too much–like a friend’s birthday dinner or your daughter’s piano recital–the combination of a solid-colored flannel tucked into a pair of blue jeans is a classic. With this look, you can play with bolder, less conventional colors like bourbon, evergreen forest or, sweet bordeaux heather.


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