Why a Flannel Shirt Will Always Be a Wardrobe Staple

Why a Flannel Shirt Will Always Be a Wardrobe Staple

Soft, stylish, and cozy, flannel is a go-to that people have turned to for decades. Flannel shirts will never go out of style, so they're ideal additions to your wardrobe. Discover more reasons why this timeless shirt deserves a place in your closet!

A Brief History of Flannel

Though flannel is often paired with such modern staples as skinny jeans and cute corduroys, this favorite top has been around for years. The flannel shirt dates back to the 17th century when Welsh farmers turned to this type of shirt to keep them warm and hold up under harsh outdoor conditions. The flannel shirt has seen dozens of iterations, from industrial to grunge to modern boho-chic and rustic looks. The appeal of flannel keeps on going through the years. Today, there are multiple classic and trendy flannel shirts, with many reasons to fall in love with them all over again.

A Flannel Shirt Has the Comfort and Warmth to See You Through Any Season

When you're looking for a top that can add a warm, comfortable layer to a variety of outfits, you need a flannel shirt. It's ideal in fall and spring, either worn alone, layered over lightweight tees or tanks, or worn under cute, casual jackets. It works beautifully in winter, worn with cozy turtlenecks paired with thermal layers, or under fleece vests or jackets. You can even turn back to this wardrobe staple in summer and wear it with a tank and shorts on summer evenings or tied at the waist with the sleeves rolled up over a sundress. It keeps you comfortable and adds warmth without weighing you down, time after time.

You Can Wear Your Flannel Shirt With (Almost) Anything

The versatility of a flannel shirt is another key reason why this top never goes out of style. Your outfit options run the gamut from extremely casual looks to pretty polished outfits wearable for work and errands. Try a flannel shirt tucked in with neutral chinos or worn under a denim jumper for a chic look. Wear it loose over skinny jeans, or pair a flannel tunic with comfortable leggings. It can work as an around-the-house piece, a part of your comfy clothes collection, or worn out and about with a pair of crisp white jeans for a pulled-together style. While there are a few occasions and outfits where flannel might not work (like a formal event or when a suit and tie are required), you can pull it off with just about anything else.

It's a Staple for the Whole Family

Another reason flannel works so well as a classic staple is that it's a great option for everyone in the flannel. Men's and women's flannel shirts are both equally stylish and versatile. Kids love flannel shirts for their easy layering capabilities, comfort, and cool look. You can even find matching flannel shirts that make adorable photo opportunities! Since there is a remarkable variety in terms of color and print in flannel tops, you can find endless designs that everyone will love.

Flannel Tops Are Durable and Easy to Care For

Nothing is better than a shirt that is stylish as well as durable, and easy to care for, and with flannel, that's exactly what you'll get. Most flannel shirts are easy-care options; you can typically toss them in the washer with your favorite detergent and tumble dry with zero fuss. They are also durable. They'll hold up to be worn outdoors time and again and look great wash after wash. Many flannel styles even become softer after multiple washings, so you'll only add to the comfort you already love.

Flannel Shirts Are a Class-Meets-Modern Essential

Yet another reason why flannel shirts will never go out of style is because they have the ideal blend of classic and modern style. Their look is uniquely timeless, yet details like modern tailored cuts or new takes like tunics make it feel new. You can also pair traditional flannel shirt styles with an array of layering pieces and accessories to create on-trend looks or dress it up and down.

Take It Easy With Flannel Shirts That Never Let You Down

Look great while feeling warm and stylish in easy-care flannel shirts that stand the test of time. From classic plaids to modern geometric prints, you can find options and colors for the whole family, plus relax knowing that they'll hold up well and won't take a lot of fuss to keep looking their best. You won't regret making a new flannel shirt part of your wardrobe.


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