Flannel Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Flannel Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Flannel is an incredibly versatile fabric. Usually made of cotton or a cotton blend, the fibers in flannel are brushed, making the material soft and creating a raised nap that helps trap the body’s heat. Flannel’s ability to help its wearer feel warm and cozy makes presents sewn from the material a great choice during the winter holiday season. The fabric is also durable, so any flannel-made items should last for several years at the least. It’s also super easy to care for; all someone needs to do is toss it in the washing machine and dryer according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Read on for some suggestions about flannel gifts for everyone on your list.

Flannel Shirts

If the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of flannel gifts is a shirt, you’re not alone. A flannel shirt is a timeless present that the recipient will enjoy for years to come. From traditional or modern plaids to buffalo checks to solids to ditsy floral prints, flannel shirts come in an array of patterns and color choices, so you’re sure to find a shirt your gift recipient will appreciate.

For women who prefer to wear leggings, opt for a flannel tunic instead. The longer tunic length will cover any body parts the wearer wants to conceal. For individuals who desire even more coverage, choose a flannel shirt dress. By adding a belt and blousing up the fabric a bit, the wearer can easily adjust the dress to its desired length.

Flannel-Lined Pants

For lovers of the outdoors, consider women’s or men’s flannel-lined pants. The lining will add extra warmth and eliminate the need for long underwear, except in extremely cold temperatures, making it a plus for individuals who don’t like the bulky feeling that sometimes comes from layering up. The wearer can use either cuff the pants to display the lining or not, whichever they prefer. If you want to turn your gift into a complete outfit, see if you can find a coordinating flannel shirt. Or, add a turtleneck print and top it with a solid-color cable-knit sweater for a rugged look that says outdoors, all the time.

Pants are not the only items that can be lined for extra warmth. Slippers, gloves, and hats with ear flaps are among the other flannel gifts available.

Flannel Sheets

If you know someone who prefers to sleep in a cool room while snuggling under a blanket for warmth, gift them a set of cotton flannel sheets. In fact, flannel sheets are a great present to give yourself. The brushed nap will retain the heat shed by your body while allowing air to circulate, so you don’t overheat. And even if you do have an occasional night sweat, the cotton will wick away the moisture, so you don’t wake up feeling damp and sticky. Like flannel shirts, flannel sheets come in a variety of colors and patterns, so whether your bedroom is decorated in cottage core, coastal, or log cabin style, you’re almost certain to find a coordinating set (or two!) to keep you snug and cozy during those cooler nights.

Sheets are not the only home décor items you can find in flannel. If you love snuggling under a throw while you’re sipping a hot beverage and reading a book but find you get too hot if the throw is made of fleece, try one in flannel instead. The lighter fabric will keep you cozy without causing you to overheat. You can also find flannel-covered pillows to rest on if you want to catch a quick nap between book chapters.

Flannel Pajamas

There’s something about the holiday season that shouts, “Time to break out the matching flannel pajamas!” The awesome thing about wearing pajamas in a matching pattern is it doesn’t limit everyone to the same style. Whether you or your family members prefer matching two-piece pajamas in short- or long-sleeve tops and shorts or pants, there’s bound to be something to suit everyone’s taste. Those who don’t like to wear pants can choose from sleepshirts or nightgowns. Conversely, individuals who prefer to sleep in just a T-shirt can still pull on a pair of coordinating lounge pants.

Once everyone has donned the flannel jammies of their choice, don’t forget to take photos to share with family and friends. Even your favorite canine can get into the act with a coordinating dog jacket. In fact, your pooch may find it so comfy that they want to wear their sleep shirt all the time—even on walks around the neighborhood. Don’t worry—your neighbors will just think it’s a dog jacket. Add a jaunty matching bow, and you’ll have the best-dressed pup around.

Given the many items that can be made from flannel, you’ll easily be able to find flannel gifts for everyone on your holiday list. And while you’re at it, treat yourself to a new flannel something as well!


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