5 Ways to Use a Throw Blanket

5 Ways to Use a Throw Blanket

Throw blankets aren’t only great for wrapping around yourself when you feel chilly; they also provide an affordable way to transform the look of a room. Throw blankets come in so many different colors, patterns, and types of fabric, making them seasonal as well. While a wool throw blanket might be welcoming in the wintertime, a lighter linen or cotton throw blanket may be more ideal come summertime, and the same is true with the design and color. After all, a throw blanket with snowmen and holly might be cute in the wintertime, but it should probably be put in storage during the summer months. If you’re simply looking for a great way to transform the look of a room, here are five ways to use a throw blanket.

1. On Your Bed

If you really like your comforter but want a new look, placing a throw blanket over it can do the trick quite well. Throw blankets should coordinate with the comforters though, so keep that in mind when you’re pairing them. Opt for complementary colors or a patterned throw over a solid comforter. Wondering how exactly to “throw” a throw blanket over your bed? Here are some ways:

  • Embrace the sloppy, yet welcoming look by tossing it over the corner of your bed.
  • Fold it in half, thirds, or even quarters lengthwise over the foot of your bed.
  • Fold it over your headboard or baseboard.

2. In Place of Your Kids’ Comforters

Throw blankets are great for use as kids bedding in place of a comforter during the summer months. After all, throw blankets tend to be the size of a twin bed. In addition, throw blankets have long been used as security blankets for little kids to sleep with — provided they’re old enough and it is safe to do so. So if your little one has taken a liking to the feel and warmth of a particular throw blanket in your home, consider letting them have it as their own.

3. Brighten up a Living Room Chair or Sofa

Drape a throw blanket over the center of an old chair or sofa to give it a new look and bring it back to life. Even if it is warm outside and you have no intention of using it right now, a throw blanket can be used the same way you would reupholster an old chair but without all that work. Consider experimenting with contrasting fabrics and textures as well to make the blanket’s color and texture really pop. For example, the smoothness and shine of a leather couch can look pretty cool when contrasted with a fuzzy cashmere or mohair throw blanket draped over the back of it.

4. Use It as Art

Sometimes something that is functional can also be decorative. Baskets, for example, can look quite stylish when displayed properly in a home. Folding a throw blanket and placing it in the basket not only makes for a decorative touch but also a practical one in case you ever get cold. If you find a throw blanket that has a cool design or pattern on it that would make a great addition to your home but don’t want it hidden in a bedroom or in a basket, display it as wall art instead. You can fold it so that the part you like most is visible, then secure it in a frame on the wall. You can also hang it on a short wooden ladder and place it against a wall in your living room.

5. Add It to Your Dining Décor

Whether in your kitchen, dining room, or outside on your patio furniture, having a throw blanket draped over the back of a bench or chair can really transform the look and feel of a dining space. Add a throw pillow to make the area look like a hybrid of kitchen space and living space, ready for entertaining or for enjoying by yourself. It can end up being your favorite place in the house, and any guests you have for dinner will love it.

You don’t need to spend lots of money remodeling your home in order to spruce it up with a different look now and then. All it takes is something as simple as a throw blanket. Next time you see them in a store, take some time to feel the textures and peruse the designs to see if there is a way you can use it to add something special to your home.

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