5 Ways to Rock a Leather Jacket

5 Ways To Rock a Leather Jacket

Like fashion staples as your favorite pair of jeans, a killer pair of heels you can wear with any outfit, and a crisp white tee, a leather jacket belongs in every woman’s closet. The classic, authentic black leather jacket is timeless, and has, for decades, been a go-to piece for men and women. If you have recently invested in a leather jacket or you have had one sitting in your closet for a while and want to start getting more use out of it, here are a few simple, yet eye-catching ways to rock a leather jacket.

With a Satin Slip Dress

If you want to achieve a particularly stunning outfit, few matches are as fashionable, elegant, and edgy as a black leather jacket over a black satin slip dress. To stay somewhat casual, yet still ultra-stylish, finish the look with white sneakers or some brand-name fashion statement sneaker. Another edgy footwear choice to go with the black-on-black look is black chunky-heel ankle boots. Keep the accessories minimal since you don’t want to take away from the simplistic elegance and fashion statement vibes of the pairing of the black leather jacket and black satin slip dress. Of course, you can always throw a black leather jacket over any other color slip dress, such as light off-white or rose pink.

With Your Athleisure Clothing

The wonderful thing about an authentic leather jacket is that it is so versatile and can be paired with so many outfits ranging from formal to super-casual. On the super-casual end of the spectrum, you can make your athleisure significantly more fashionable simply by throwing a leather jacket over it. If you have to run to the store but don’t feel like changing out of your comfy clothes or didn’t have time to change your gym outfit, a black leather jacket will go very nicely with black athletic leggings or gray joggers. For your top, anything from a sports bra to a crop top to plus-size activewear top or even a graphic or band tee will look great. For even more dimension, wrap a plaid flannel shirt around your waist or underneath the jacket as an in-between layer. Finally, finish the look with comfortable athletic slip-on sandals or your favorite running shoes.

With Your Monochromatic Outfit

There is something so appealing about an all-black outfit. It stands out with minimal effort, and it presents an extremely flattering and polished appearance. If you want to put together an all-black outfit with a leather jacket, start with either black leggings or black denim jeans. Next, pick any black top of your liking: tank tops, camis, and fitted tees work best. After throwing on your black leather jacket, you can accessorize with other black pieces such as oversized sunglasses or aviators, a black handbag, and any kind of black footwear. With an all-black outfit, the level of dressiness will depend on the cut, style, and fabric of your clothing and the footwear you choose. Sneakers will give off a less formal vibe, perfect for a monochromatic outfit. Combat boots will give an instantly fashionable and edgy vibe.

With Light Wash Boyfriend Jeans and a Simple Tee

Leather jackets can be incorporated into super casual outfits too, including the simple jeans-and-women's-T-shirt combo. It instantly brings new life and dimension into an already classically stylish outfit. It’s the perfect thing to throw on when you need a second layer on a night out. When it comes to the color of your fitted tee, white is always one of the best options because it creates such a striking dimension when combined with the black leather jacket. Keep the denim wash light so that more focus and attention is put on the black-and-white combination on top. For footwear, anything from heeled ankle boots to sneakers will pair nicely with this outfit.

With Ripped Jeans and Your Favorite Band Tee

If you are going for a youthful look, a black leather jacket will look fabulous with your favorite band tee or graphic tee and a pair of ripped jeans. The jeans can be any color (especially unconventional, bold colors if you are trying to make a daring fashion statement), but light blue and black ripped jeans always make for great choices. Finish the look with designer sneakers or black boots, and consider throwing an additional layer such a plaid flannel under the leather jacket. And on a final note, though we’ve mostly focused on classic black leather jackets, experimenting with a colorful leather jacket, like dark green or even red, can make a fun and youthful outfit.

Consider using our suggestions above or create your own ways to pair a classic leather jacket with your outfits to rock your style wherever you go.


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