5 Ways To Ace Spring Cleaning Your Home in 2021

5 Ways To Ace Spring Cleaning Your Home in 2021

Fewer things are more rewarding than sitting in a perfectly spotless, artfully decorated, open, breezy, clean home after a thorough spring cleaning. Depending on the size of your home and the amount of time and energy you have, spring cleaning your living space may take one day or several days. Whatever the case, there are certain things you can do to speed along the process, stay motivated, and ace spring cleaning this year. And in this post, we’ve highlighted a few of those useful tips.

Dress the Part

You aren’t going to feel very productive doing your spring cleaning if you aren’t comfortable in what you are wearing. If you are cleaning up around the outside of your house, doing yard work, pruning shrubs, or clearing out the garage, you’ll need a good pair of sneakers or boots that offer plenty of support. When cleaning around the house, wear casual bottoms or athletic pants like capri yoga pants that allow you to move around freely and provide a good deal of comfort while being physically active for several hours. Don’t forget a comfy athletic top, like a tank that you can wear when you’ve worked up a sweat and can no longer clean in a women’s sweatshirt.

Start With One Room At a Time

While doing things like vacuuming all the rooms in your home may be something you prefer to do all at once, other chores like organizing belongings might be something you want to confine to one room at a time. It can become too overwhelming to try to organize and declutter every room of the house in one fell swoop. Start with one room, like the bathroom or even just your bedroom closet, and then move on to the next. Being able to check a room off your spring cleaning to-do list will motivate you to keep checking off more until you’ve decluttered your whole house.

Throw Out Things You No Longer Need

We understand how difficult it is for most people to throw away belongings, always reasoning, “I might not wear or use this thing now, but I’m sure I will need it someday!” only to put it back in its place, to never be worn or used again. Be ruthless with your elimination process this spring. Look through your makeup bag, your wardrobe, your medicine cabinet, kitchen drawers — every part of your home — and get rid of anything you no longer use or need. If you find things that are in good condition or that are still useful, rather than throw them out, host a garage sale or donate the items to charity.

Replace Old Items With Fewer But Higher-Quality Items

Spring cleaning presents the perfect opportunity to live by the phrase, “Out with the old, in with the new.” Now, when spring cleaning, you obviously don’t want to merely throw out hoards of old things you no longer need, only to replace them with new items you won’t ever need. Just as you should be a stickler about eliminating things in your house that need to go, you should be very selective about what new items you bring in.

It helps to walk around your home and take notes of old, worn-out, no-longer-used items you plan to throw out, as well as what useful items you think you may need in place of those things. For example, if you have several old, slightly tattered bath towels in your bathroom, throw out the worn-out ones and replace them with a couple of high-quality, monogrammed towels. And when auditing your bedrooms, take a look at the bedding and see if anything is getting a bit old and worn. Items like bed sheets could be in need of replacement every few years.

Bring Recruits

Don’t think you have to do all the spring cleaning by yourself. Taking on an entire house, inside and out, is a lot of work, so give some serious consideration to getting the whole family involved. Make a day off it; set a Saturday or an entire afternoon aside dedicated to spring cleaning. Make it fun for the kids by blasting dance tunes and promise to reward them with a pizza and ice cream dinner followed by a family movie, a much-deserved break they will need at the end of the day.

If you live alone or can’t seem to get family members in on the action, call up some of your closest pals for a “spring cleaning party,” complete with snacks and drinks and the promise to return the favor.

Consider implementing a few of these suggestions into your big spring cleaning day or weekend this year. Not only will you be more efficient and productive with your cleaning, but it could also even be fun!

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