5 Unique Halloween Party Ideas

5 Unique Halloween Party Ideas

With the advent of fall comes one of the most beloved holidays (not just of the season, but the whole year). As Halloween fast approaches, so too do the bevy of Halloween parties, overindulgence in candy bars, and endless décor options. If you are planning a Halloween party of your own this year, why not spice things up with one of these unique party ideas? Here are five ways to throw an unforgettable party this fall season.

A Spooky Cocktail Party

A regular cocktail party just isn’t gonna cut it during spooky season, so why not take elements from the best of both worlds and host a spooky cocktail party? No “normal” cocktails allowed, only fun, inventive drinks. There are so many different ways to orchestrate this evening. You could have a list of all the spooky cocktails you want to serve planned in advance. Or you could ask each guest to bring the ingredients for the spooky cocktails they want to make and show off to other party guests. Finally, you could have a spooky cocktail-creating party where all your party guests have fun mixing drinks together and doing cocktail tastings once they have the completed product. Don’t forget to pair the cocktails with savory and sweet Halloween-themed treats.

Give the Party a Theme

You may think a Halloween party is enough of a theme, but if you really want to step things up a bit, get more specific and pick a niche. For example, instead of planning a regular costume party, instruct your party guests to dress up as a character from any iconic ’80s movie. Or have each guest dress up as a famous character from a classic horror or Halloween flick. Giving your Halloween party a more specific theme will simultaneously make things more fun and interesting and make it easier for your party guests to figure out what costume to wear. As far as the atmosphere for your party, your spread, music playlist, and décor choices should all be in line with the specific theme of the party.

Host an Adult Halloween Sleepover

Not everyone loves the idea of staying out till the wee hours of a morning at a Halloween party with a steady flow of booze and endless dancing. Sometimes, you just want something way more low-key but equally as fun as a “wild night.” Why not invite a few of your girlfriends over for Halloween-themed sleepovers? Sleepovers were so much fun as kids, so why can’t we still keep having them as adults? Tell your sleepover guests to pick out their coziest pair of women’s loungewear like comfy sweats or Halloween-themed pajamas. Set up the living room with a mountain of warm throw blankets and any other Halloween décor you want to include. Make a list of all your favorite Halloween movies and put together a funky, spooky music playlist. Whip up some decorative Halloween dessert, salty snacks, and alcoholic beverages and enjoy an evening of getting spooked, stuffing your face with candy without guilt, and catching up with all your girlfriends.

Make It a Game Party

Whether you decide to host a themed Halloween party, a Halloween sleepover, or any other unique Halloween party, no party would be complete without traditional fall games! Set up various game stations throughout your home or in your backyard if it’s warm enough. This could be anything from bobbing for apples to a spooky obstacle course to the donut-on-a-string game. Get creative with these games. For example, instead of just bobbing for apples, you can fill the bucket up with boozy deliciousness so that your guests go “boozing for apples.”

For the obstacle course, you could give it a haunted house vibe so that all of your guests get spooked while trying to finish the race. And with the donut-on-a-string game, only pick fall donuts like apple fritters and apple cider donuts. Lastly, don’t let anyone tell you trick or treating is just for kids! Set up different areas around your house with bowls of yummy candy treats for guests to “trick or treat” at. So whether your guests are in the backyard or having a chat around the kitchen island, they can stop by a candy station to stuff a few of their favorite candies in a backpack.

A Pumpkin-Carving, Wine, and Cheese Night

Invite a few of your friends for mouthwatering treats like fall wines, delicious cheeses, and a Halloween-themed charcuterie board. Between nibbling on yummy cheese and sipping a flavorful wine, your guests can paint and carve pumpkins. This is easily one of the most low-maintenance ways to host a Halloween party. Plus, your guests get to take home their cute pumpkins after a fun night of socializing, eating and drinking, and creating their pumpkins.

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