5 Tips on Layering Your Spring Dress

5 Tips on Layering Your Spring Dress

Spring weather can be fickle. It could be chilly enough to need a jacket or sweater in the morning, but come mid-afternoon, it might be sweltering. How does one prepare for such unpredictable weather? By layering! The more you get into styling tips and fashion trends, the more you understand that layering outfits isn’t just about warmth and comfort; layering also provides a way to breathe new life into an outfit and give yourself a totally different look! In this post, we will take a look at a few chic ways you can layer a spring dress.

Give Your LBD an Update

If you have a casual little black dress (LBD) that doesn’t get enough use, give it an updated and more colorful look by layering not over it, but underneath it. Since it goes without saying the classic LBD is black, contrast the dark color with something bold, light, and dynamic. Depending on the cut and texture of the LBD in question, there are many different base layer styles you could incorporate. For a chillier spring day, layer a lightweight cashmere turtleneck under a sleeveless, black midi dress. For a dressier look, wear a colorful, print women’s blouse under the LBD. Contrasting the dark color of the black dress with a lighter blouse creates that wow factor that instantly brightens up your look, perfecting the ultimate spring outfit.

Wear a Linen Button-Up as a Jacket

Linen is such a decadent fabric. When you want to hunker down at home on a breezy spring day, nothing helps you do that quite like a pair of cozy, lightweight linen trousers. And while there are plenty of chic linen pants and shorts styles, in this post, we are going to focus on linen tops. Layering outfits isn’t just about creating more warmth; it’s also about giving an outfit more texture. One way to do that is by layering either a short-sleeve or long-sleeve button-down linen shirt over your dress of choice. If you have a floral spring dress, something like a cream-colored button-down linen shirt serves to soften and simultaneously amplify your outfit. For a balmy spring day, you could wear a sleeveless linen shirt as a vest over your dress (either buttoned or unbuttoned). And when you want to try a totally different look, wear a long button-down linen dress over your shorter, print spring dress (keeping it unbuttoned and wearing it as a coat).

Layering the Casual Dress

Not every dress is designed for a special occasion, a formal work event, or a fancy brunch. Some outfits are designed to be just as casual and comfortable as a favorite pair of jeans or soft, cozy leggings. When you feel like wearing a comfy, casual dress but still look stylish and presentable, layer with a women’s cardigan. If you prefer a solid color, black cotton dresses with an off-white, button-down cardigan is equal parts elegant and casual. In keeping with the theme, finish the look with a pair of white sneakers and your everyday handbag.

The fabulous thing about a cardigan is that you can wear it several different ways. When the temperatures start to rise throughout the day, you can easily wrap your cardigan sweater around your waist or wear it over your shoulder and tie the sleeves in the front. If you want an even more casual look—something that has a sporty vibe to it—swap out the cardigan for a hoodie (a layering choice that looks best with a casual bodycon dress).

Give Your Dress an Edge With Denim or Leather

Want to evoke a slightly edgier look for a springtime outfit? During the day, opt for a classic denim jacket, something that looks great over various dress lengths and cuts (for example, a long, floral print maxi dress). For an evening look, pair a satin slip dress with a black leather jacket. The more rugged, edgy features of the leather jacket impeccably contrast the delicate, softer features of the satin material. If you want to double up on the layers (either during the day or in the evening), throw on a cashmere cardigan as a mid-layer.

Give Your Strapless Dress Sleeves

Is there a gorgeous strapless dress hanging in your closet you want to wear but feel it needs more coverage? Layer a puffy-sleeved blouse underneath the sleeveless dress. It’s stylish, unique, and will provide that lightweight extra layer you need. To add more dimension to the look, accent with a chunky belt wrapped around the waist. For a warmer day, try layering a basic white T-shirt under a strapless or sleeveless dress. Not only will this add more texture to the outfit, but it can also dress down a more formal dress and make it acceptable to wear throughout the day.

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