5 Loungewear Pieces That Are Great Around The House

5 Loungewear Pieces That Are Great Around the House

There’s some debate around what constitutes loungewear and what constitutes pajamas, so let’s clear that up right here. Pajamas are solely for wearing to bed. In fact, wearing daytime clothes to bed can actually be detrimental to your sleep. In contrast, loungewear is for when you’re awake and active, but also for when you want something very comfortable and easy to slip into. For example, loungewear could be what you throw on after getting out of the shower on the weekends when you don’t have plans but need to get out of your pajamas. To give you a better idea, here are five loungewear pieces that are great around the house, no matter where your day takes you.

When You Want to Look Effortlessly Dressed Up

When you want to look like you made an effort to get dressed up but don’t have time to actually make an effort, lounge dresses are comfortable enough for hanging out at home but look great enough to wear out running errands or having brunch with friends. Whether it’s short-sleeved and mid-length for summertime, or it’s long-sleeved and ankle-length for wintertime, lounge dresses can easily be combined with other items of clothing to make a complete outfit in case you need to go out unexpectedly. In the summertime, it can be worn with some sandals and a cute jean jacket. During wintertime, these dresses look great over leggings and paired with cute booties. This versatility and comfort make these types of dresses perfect loungewear.

For Working from Home

We can’t talk about loungewear without answering the question, “Is it okay to wear loungewear when working from home?” In short, we have to answer “Absolutely.” Again, remember that loungewear and pajamas should be kept separate. The fabric that pajamas are made of and how they fit the body is ideal for sleeping but not meant for day-to-day activities or working from home. However, loungewear lets you do anything you’d do at home in style and comfort. So if you have a half-hour zoom call on a workday, why would you get dressed up from head to toe just for a brief part of your day? Instead, a tunic with some comfy casual pants might be more practical and comfortable options.

When You Might Work Out, but Might Not

You know how it is when you have every intention of working out, but something gets in the way. It might be an impromptu videoconference, or it might be an unexpected visit from a friend. Regardless, no matter what our intentions are, the gym sometimes has to wait. Still, it’s nice to be able to get dressed in workout apparel to get motivated for your intentions. After all, if you’re too comfortable or dressed in attire that’s not meant for exercising, you’re more prone to skip your workout. For that reason, having some great athleisure attire on hand is a great way to not only help you stick to your workout but easily adjust in case you have to postpone it.

For example, some yoga leggings or capri leggings made for working out look great under a long blouse or tunic. Under that tunic, you can wear a comfortable tank top that’s made for exercising, meaning all you need to do to transition from workout mode to work mode is to take off your blouse or tunic. Viola!

For Hot Summer Days

During summertime, you never know where the day might take you. One moment, you might be watching the morning news with a cup of coffee, ready to tackle what the day has in store. Another moment, you might need a break and decide to go catch some vitamin D in the sun for a bit. Some comfy summer shorts are ideal summer loungewear staples for this very reason. A nice patterned T-shirt with them will make it look like you made an effort while also making you feel cozy as ever.

For Stylish Warmth and Comfort

In cold temperatures, we tend to have our go-to-items for keeping warm and comfortable. But that doesn’t mean our go-to choices are necessarily practical or even appropriate for all occasions. For example, you might have an old sweatshirt that you love, but that doesn’t necessarily love you, with stains and ripped hems. But if there’s a chance someone might be stopping over, you’ll likely want to play it safe by wearing something a little less “worn.” For that reason, a well-made tunic sweatshirt could be a better option, as it can be worn with comfy leggings but can also look good enough to wear with dress pants or jeans.

Regardless of what pops up during a given day, these loungewear ideas will help you stay stylish, practical, and comfortable around the house.

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