5 Girls Dresses to Pick Up For Spring

5 Girls Dresses to Pick Up For Spring

With the arrival of spring comes the opportunity to store away those thick wool pants, the big, bulky sweaters, and other winter garb designed to keep you warm and introduce lighter, more colorful pieces into your wardrobe. And that goes for the whole family, too. So while you are in the midst of your spring cleaning and trading in the old winter wear for new spring wear, consider adding a couple of new outfits to everyone’s wardrobe. Whether you’re shopping for your daughter, granddaughter, or niece, here are a few girls’ dresses to consider adding to her closet this spring.

The Sun-Washed Multi-Stripe Fit-and-Flare Dress

There might possibly be no better Easter dress than the sun-washed multi-stripe fit-and-flare dress. The pastel-colored vertical stripes paint this super cute dress like a canvas, making it a vibrant and energetic wardrobe choice for the spring holiday. The soft material and flexible fit to ensure your little girl will be comfortable and able to move around freely in this adorable dress. And even if she doesn’t wear it for Easter, there will be plenty of other occasions to wear it, whether it’s a family brunch or music recital–or maybe just because she feels like wearing an awesome dress!

The Pink Hydrangea Floral Dress For Toddlers

We can’t forget toddlers when picking out springtime dresses for little girls. For the two through four-year-olds, you can’t go wrong with a fun, pink fit-and-flare dress with hydrangea floral prints all over it. The style is unrestricted and stretchy so your little one will be comfortable in this soft material. If you’re the parent of a toddler and you’re considering buying this dress for your little girl, you will be comforted to know the material is easy to machine wash. No need to worry about stains; those will be easy to get out! And because it’s such a light, airy, quintessential spring dress, it’s the perfect thing to wear to birthday parties, family gatherings, school events, churches, or any other occasion.

A ¾ Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

Although the arrival of spring means warmer days are ahead, it’s still a relatively unpredictable season. You’ll inevitably need to be prepared for days that aren’t as warm as others, and sometimes a short-sleeve dress just won’t cut it. In these instances, opt for something with more coverage, like a ¾ sleeve shirt dress. The great thing about a dress like this is that it’s so casual. It’s perfect for playdates or any occasion when you know your little girl will be doing a lot of running around on the playground or getting into something messy like arts and crafts. The style and color of a T-shirt dress is low key, but you can always accessorize it with a cute denim jacket, girls leggings and a pair of sneakers.

A Chambray Cold Shoulder Dress

This adorable style is great for a warm spring day when you know your little girl is going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, maybe for an afternoon playdate at the park or a family picnic. It’s a flexible and flowy dress, so it’ll be easy for her to run around and play without any restrictions. However, this dress is so cute, it’s also worthy of a school photo or family portrait. The denim appearance makes it an iconic spring-time look, but the material is 100% cotton, ensuring it will be soft and comfortable for your daughter. She’s bound to love the multi-colored tassel trim that really gives the entire dress a unique look.

A Ponte Pleat Jumper

If you need to pick up a springtime dress for your daughter that is decidedly more formal than anything else, a ponte pleat jumper should do the trick. It’s polyester and rayon blend material gives it a sleek, polished look, as does the smooth-draping ponte knit style. Its hem sits just above the knee and looks great in dark or neutral colors like navy or gray. It might not be the type of dress your daughter will want to wear to a playdate or at the park, but it’s the perfect thing to wear when you have to bring the whole family to a formal function. Paired with cute, ballet flats for girls and white stockings, the outfit will have a very “The Sound of Music” Von Trapp child feel to it.

We’ve provided a few excellent choices regarding adorable springtime dresses for girls and ways to turn them into complete outfits. But there’s no need to limit yourself to the options we provided above! Grab your little girl and plan a shopping trip so she can pick out the dresses she loves.


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