5 Girls' Dresses That Are Perfect for School

5 Girls' Dresses That Are Perfect for School

Picking out a new outfit is a form of self-expression and a way to splurge once in a while. So what’s more fun than shopping for new pieces for yourself? Going shopping with your daughter! Whether you are back-to-school shopping or you're in the middle of the holiday break and want to surprise your daughter with a new dress, here are a few girls’ dresses she is sure to love.

A Short-Sleeve Mesh Polo Dress

A mesh polo dress is made of durable material, so if your daughter is the type is very active during recess, this is a great dress for her. The material is strong without being thick and uncomfortable. Opt for a solid color or a fun pattern so that stains won’t be too visible–don’t worry, it’s easy to launder this dress! Because it’s got short sleeves, it’s great to wear during both the fall and spring months. If your daughter ever needs a bit of extra warmth, you can layer it with a girls’ cardigan sweater.

A Floral Patterned Twirl Dress

On the days that your young one wants to get a bit dressed up for school, the floral patterned twirl dress will do quite nicely. A rich warm color like red in a floral print makes the dress an ideal item to wear during those cold, gray months in late fall and into winter. And the twirl factor? Even grown women would have to admit that there’s something fun about wearing a dress you can spin around in! A dress like this is also great for your daughter to wear if she has a school picture or music recital coming up. It’s dressy enough, but the soft, stretchy crepe fabric ensures it will be comfortable to wear during long hours at school. Pair the dress with some leggings or stockings and cute girls’ boots, and your daughter will arguably be the best dressed in school!

A Chambray Shirt Dress

Is there anything in this world more adorable than a little girl all dolled up in a chambray dress shirt? Especially when it’s your little girl? Chambray makes for the ultimate casual dress, perfect for a beautiful fall or spring day. The 100% cotton material ensures that the knee-length dress is soft and comfortable and the bow-tie belt and button-up front gives the dress a polished look. With a dress like this, you and your daughter can accessorize it in a variety of ways. Complete the look with a pair of ankle boots and girls leggings and add a cute headband or another hair accessory. It’s easy to wash and durable enough so that your daughter can comfortably wear it all day at school before going to play with friends or hanging out with you for a mommy-daughter date.

A Uniform Plaid Jumper

It’s almost like a rite of passage to own a jumper dress during those early school years. A style that has been around for decades yet is still relevant in the world of girls’ fashion. Even if your daughter doesn’t attend a school where uniforms are required, she can make a bit of a fashion statement with a cute uniform plaid jumper. Dress it up with a short- or long-sleeve solid colored shirt underneath and finish off the look with a pair of stockings and stylish ballet flats. You could stick with a more “traditional” plaid color scheme like hunter green and navy or go for something with striking colors like burgundy and gray. There are so many plaid color varieties and ways to pair a plaid jumper with an undershirt and other accessories that you and your daughter will be able to create several looks with this one piece.

A Flannel Dress

This is arguably one of the coziest dresses that your daughter can wear to school during those cold winter months. A flannel dress is ultra-chic and stylish, but more importantly, it’s super comfortable. It’s a delightfully festive dress and comes in various colors like berry burst and soft blue. The cotton material lends itself to a fit that is flexible and unrestricted, making it easy to wear during long hours at school. It can be paired with different types of footwear like sneakers, flats, or boots, though it looks even better when worn with a pair of leggings or layered with a jacket.

These are just a few examples of the many great girls’ dresses out there. What’s the best way to find the dresses that are perfect for your daughter? Plan a girls’ shopping day and so you can together pick out the dresses she likes.


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