5 Decorative Holiday Accents for the Home

5 Decorative Holiday Accents for the Home

The holiday season fills every home with hope and cheer for a happy new year. Each holiday season brings an opportunity to brighten everyone's spirit. One way to keep that joyful feeling all year long is to spruce up the house with a few decorative holiday accents that serve as everyday reminders that 'tis the season to be jolly! Check out these five simple ways to deck the halls this year. 

1. Dashing Doors

Christmas wreaths and plants and greenery are a quintessential holiday touch. Without any words or any other context, you know it's time for a winter wonderland when you see a radiant wreath. Every time you enter your home, you'll be reminded of the reason for the season: spending time with family. 

You can keep it traditional with rich, fragrant evergreen and eucalyptus sprigs or brighten things up a bit with an alternative wreath, like one made entirely of succulents. Wreaths aren't just for your front door either. You can display full-size or smaller wreaths on bedroom doors, above the fireplace, or on your living room wall. If you do end up placing a wreath near the hearth, be sure it's a safe enough distance to avoid any fire hazards, and don’t forget to mist the wreath with a spray bottle here and there to keep it from drying out.

2. Festive Fabrics

In most parts of the country, the holiday season brings cold nights and snowy days. Switch out your lighter fall throw blankets for your Christmas throws as soon as the temperature starts to drop. Warm knits or fun, printed fleece blankets will encourage everyone to get cozy on the couch together. After all, the holiday season is about togetherness. Make sure there are enough to go around or get everyone their own personalized throw to guarantee peace all season long.  

Every room could use a fabric switch for the season. Incorporating different accents and materials each season gives your decor a level of texture and nuance. Bath towels in deep reds and greens or a bathmat with a seasonal saying on it add a simple touch of Christmas coziness. For a spirited Christmas kitchen and dining experience, add subtle touches like holiday cookie tins or plaid napkins and table runners.

3. Season's Stockings

Once Thanksgiving ends and Christmas shopping begins, get everyone in the family their own personalized Christmas stocking to hang from the mantle or anywhere else you choose. It's a truly nostalgic touch that evokes deep memories of presents under the tree and lots of cuddles on the couch. 

Don't forget about the fur babies! You can add a hint of humor to the house by hanging a mini stocking over the dog bed or pet carrier. Treats, chews, and other pet presents can be placed there to be opened on Christmas morning with the rest of the family. 

4. Lights

Think about the quintessential outdoor Christmas scene. Close your eyes and picture a dark snowy night, lit up with hope, cheer, and an ethereal light show. It's easy to replicate that feeling of wonder and delight by bringing the lights inside. Perhaps keeping it a bit more subtle, opt for dainty fairy lights woven into your wreaths or stretched along the mantle. 

Consider changing up your tree lights too. Whether you choose updated white bulbs that sparkle through the evening or a bold rainbow assortment that flashes with extra flair is entirely up to you. The thing that matters most is that it fills you with a feeling of joy and gratitude, making your house feel even more like a home.

5. Spirited Scents

One approach to holiday home decorating that can be really impactful is how you scent your space. Smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, so filling your home with hints of cinnamon, freshly baked cookies, apple pie, or fresh pine will instantly take you back to the winter holidays of your childhood. You've got tons of options, so choose whatever you and your family will like the best.

The simplest option is to let the smell of the Christmas tree and wreaths fill the air with pine and eucalyptus. Make sure to water your tree regularly, and spritz your wreaths with a spray bottle to keep them going for longer. Other ideas include displaying beautiful candles or essential oil diffusers with your favorite holiday smells. 

One final suggestion? Add Christmas throw pillows in each room that boast delightful holiday sayings and season's greetings to remind the family of what a jolly holiday it really is.

Whichever way you choose to spruce up for the season, be sure to include everyone in the decorating. The more time you spend together, the deeper your delights will be this holiday season.


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