5 Comfiest Big & Tall Sweatpants for Men

Sweatpants season is a thing. You probably already have plenty of sweats hanging in your closet. The cool thing about sweatpants, though, is that you can wear them any time of the year. You can lounge around in them during the weekend (they are just as cozy as men’s robes. Or you can match them with your favorite hoodie and sneakers for streetwear-ready style while running errands.

If you are in the market for some new sweatpants, plus you wear big and tall pants, look out for the styles below. They are some of the comfiest sweatpants you will ever discover. Rock them with fashionable tops, jackets, and sneakers for head-to-toe, comfortable styling.

Soft Fleece-Lined Sweatpants

If it is a bit frigid outdoors, consider wearing big and tall sweatpants with a soft fleece lining. These types of sweatpants will feel help you feel so cozy after a long day of work or a workout. Or don them while running errands during the fall or winter. For extra coziness, try sweatpants with brushed fleece fabric or sweatpants that are fleece allover.

French Terry Sweatpants

French terry is a soft type of knit fabric made of cotton or mostly cotton. Since French terry is considered a midweight fabric (or heavier than a T-shirt yet lighter than pants designed exclusively for cold weather), you can wear them all year long—during the summer and winter.

Lightweight Polyester Sweatpants

Like French terry sweatpants, you can also wear lightweight polyester sweatpants any time of the year. It is a plus if these lightweight sweatpants have other attributes that make them fit for all-day comfort in warm weather, such as mesh panels for ventilation or moisture-wicking that keep you dry as you sweat. Look for sweatpants with taping down the sides for a touch of style.

Relaxed Fit or Oversized Sweatpants

Want a bit more room for your skin to breathe? Go for a relaxed fit or oversized sweatpants. Roomy sweatpants offer even more comfort than regular fit sweatpants while lending an extra dose of style. Try oversized sweatpants with a vibrant, trendy design, such as color blocking or velvet fabrication.

Cargo Sweatpants

Finally, cargo sweatpants are another style that not only feels comfortable but looks stylish, too. The fabric type of cargo sweatpants can vary; however, they offer that roomy fit that lets your skin breathe. Go classic wearing khaki or olive cargo pants. Or jazz things up in camouflage print or bold red cargo sweatpants.

How to Style Your Sweats

After selecting your favorite big and tall sweatpants, it is essential to know how to style them. Follow the monochromatic trend by wearing the same color head to toe, matching the top of your choice with your pants’ color. Wear a simple T-shirt or toss on a graphic T-shirt to make a statement (try layering a button-down shirt for that layered look). Don your sweats with big and tall sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, fleece jackets, or track jackets for an extra dose of coziness. Follow the tips below on how to style your sweatpants.

Match Them With Tees

You can never go wrong styling your sweatpants of choice with the range of big and tall tee shirts you probably already have hanging in your closest. From short-sleeved to long-sleeved T-shirts, these versatile garment pieces look good with almost any pair of sweatpants. Go low-key with neutral tones or make a statement rocking the graphic T-shirt of your choice.

Toss on a Hoodie

If you are heading out to do some shopping on a cool day, toss on a hoodie to match your sweatpants. Pullover or full-zip hoodies are an ideal apparel piece to match your sweats. A hoodie plus sweatpants also make for a great go-to gym uniform.

Don a Sweater or Sweatshirt

Get your cozy on rocking a sweatshirt or sweater to pair with your sweatpants in the fall or wintertime. Whether you are looking for a laid-back outfit for casual Friday or hanging out with your friends on the weekend on a cool fall night, this ensemble will elevate your style.

Pair Them With a Fleece Jacket

Pair your sweats with a warm fleece jacket during the wintertime. Quarter-zip, half-zip, or full-zip fleece jackets will do. Better yet, style your big and tall fleece jackets with fleece-lined sweatpants, especially for long walks throughout the town on a chilly day. When you get home, switch out the fleece jacket with a toasty fleece throw.

Finish Off With Cool Kicks

A sweatpants outfit is not complete without sweet kicks to match with it. From low-top sneakers to high-tops, your choices aren’t limited. Keep things low-key with white, black, or gray sneakers. Go bold with color blocking or an in-your-face vibrant colorway. Look for features that will elevate your trek throughout the city, such as interior cushioning and superior traction.

Sweatpants are just as versatile as your big and tall jeans. You can switch out any of your casual pants with them, whether it is summer or wintertime. Style them with any of your casual apparel pieces in your wardrobe for comfort any time of the week. And up your looks with a beanie, baseball cap, and backpack.


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