Top Five Boots to Help Your Child Brave Any Storm

Top 5 Boots to Help Your Child Brave Any Storm

Kids and boots are an irresistibly cute combination–is there anything more adorable than a totally bundled-up little one? Aside from the aww factor, children and boots also make a practical pairing. Depending on the weather conditions where you live, your kids will probably need at least one, if not several, pairs of boots to get through the winter this year.

Which kids' boots do they need the most? This guide will help you answer that question. It lists the top five boots for kids that they will love wearing.

Boots for Serious Splashing

Rain boots are easy-on, easy-off pull-on rubber boots. You can find them in a huge array of colors and prints, making them a shoe that kids actually love to shop for. Not to mention, you can match them with a girls' or boys' rain jacket.

Rain boots are a terrific option for kids who can't resist the opportunity to get outside right now when the rain falls. Look for pull-on tabs that make them a breeze for little hands to put on without help from a grown-up. You'll also want a sole that will provide enough traction when there's serious sidewalk romping on the agenda.

Boots for Playing in the Rain

Duck boots, like rain boots, are waterproof footwear that offers little feet protection from wet conditions. They also have a secret superpower that can make them a terrific option for kids on the move: Because kids' duck boots usually have laces, they're easy to adjust to fit fast-moving feet and legs snugly and comfortably. This means kids who spend rainy days running around outdoors will have more freedom to move in a boot that grips both their feet and the wet ground.

Duck boots for kids come in a rainbow of fun colors and patterns, and there are insulated options that make an excellent choice for kids who head out in slushy, cold and wet conditions.

Boots for Winter Hiking

If your family doesn't let a little cold and snow keep you from treks in the woods, consider a pair of hiking boots that are designed for wintry conditions. Look for features like ground-hugging treads on the sole, waterproof uppers to keep snow away from toes, and plenty of cold-fighting insulation so your kid's feet will stay warm and dry mile after mile.

Finally, don't forget to get them a warm kids' winter coat to help them stay extra warm!

Boots for Battling the Snow

Kids' winter boots are a winter footwear classic for a reason: They offer little feet the traction, warmth, and coverage that's necessary for every outdoor adventure, ranging from sledding to snowman-creating to walking through the woods.

While it's important to find boots that offer all that functionality, choosing a pair that shows your kid's style is pretty fun, too. Kids snow boots come in colors and patterns from classic to sparkly and new and feature many of the same design elements that you'll find in grown-up snow boots. Look for touches like funky zippers, cool-looking laces, and fleece or faux fur accents that lend these kids' boots a unique look.

Booties for Days When There's Just A Dusting

When there's just a dusting of snow on the ground, you might find it's a battle to get a fast-moving kid into full snow boots before they head out to play. Make getting them out the door a little easier with a pair of insulated kids' mocs.

Mocs for kids offer many of the features of the other boots on this list. Like rain boots, they're designed to be easily slipped on and off. Like winter boots, they can be insulated against low temperatures and the cold ground. Lastly, like duck shoes, they're made to make moving around easy.

Mocs don't cover the leg, so they make an ideal option when there's an inch or less of snow to walk through. They are also comfortable enough for your kiddos to leave on all day, but they're also protective enough to wear as they walk out to the bus or to meet you in the car pick-up line after school.

A Final Word on Fit

Once you've selected the styles of boot you'll need for your little one, you might wonder which size to buy. Here's some advice: Skip the often-heard recommendation to get boots one size too large for your kids. Boots are designed to have room for the socks kids will wear in them. Besides, boots that are too large can cause blisters or be too difficult for a child to maneuver in when conditions are slick. Buy what fits now and swap with friends and family as your child's shoe size changes.


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