Finding Your Favorite Winter Style

Finding Your Favorite Winter Style

As the winter season visits us in all its snowy glory, closets have to be adjusted so a girl can look cute without freezing to death. But can you look that cute in the cold? As you go through your winter wear, it may feel like you're limited in your styling options because staying warm is the priority. However, there are certainly ways to put outfits together that can harmonize into a winter style of your very own. Let's consider some themes that you can use to find your favorite winter style.

Let It Snow, Eskimo!

This theme is for those living in real winter conditions. When the cold can't be beat, embrace the snowy side of life! Opt for pieces packed with down so all your body heat stays insulated next to you. Furlined women's winter parkas and Russian fur hats might also be a fun and warm addition to your winter wardrobe. Go with black and white combinations or match your top and bottom colors to keep your style cohesive. If you want a statement piece, look for a cheetah print coat to put over black pants or a bold scarf pattern that will pop against an outfit of neutrals. Stay warm, my friends!

Christmas in the City

Looking cute in all weathers is a city girl essential. Luckily, in many cities, much of the wind is blocked by buildings and a heater is usually only a taxi away or a block up at the nearest coffee shop. In that case, high-heeled boots (with some thick winter socks) are fabulous for making you stand out. Another great idea is a bold red winter trenchcoat over a black dress with black tights—or maybe a plaid patterned wrap coat you can tie to give yourself a bit of a waist even with all those layers. Keep your coffee cup close as you power stride down the boulevard to your next appointment.

Mountain Girl

Are you the active winter sports type? Like you basically live on the mountain—or wish you could? Embrace your inner mountain girl and dive into more streamlined clothing. Slim black pants and a thick fleece zip-up with a toasty collar would keep you warm yet ready for anything. If you like neutrals, stick with gray for your fleece color. If you want to pop, why not go for pink? Remember to get a matching pair of earmuffs to complete your outfit. You could also get even more snow-sporty with a wool sweater under a pair of high-rise ski overalls. Put a thick headband on to keep your ears from the cold, add a pair of chill sunglasses, and you've got this active look down!

Holiday Magic

If Christmas is your favorite time of year, why not work a little holiday into your winter wardrobe? Knitted Christmas sweaters might come to mind first, (and if you love those, go for it!) but others might want something a little more subtle. For example, a green sweater dress with nude fleecy tights and gray or nude boots. Use your jewelry or a belt to get a little red in there and you have some tasteful Christmas colors warming you throughout your day. If you want to go a different direction, choose a white sweater or parka and white hat combination and put it with a plaid scarf with white, red, and green colors worked into its design. Make it a big blanket scarf if you want more Christmas and more cuddle. Wear some jeans or black snow pants on the bottom, add some boots, and you have yourself a merry little Christmas outfit!

Classic and Cozy

Maybe you're the kind to pop out for a walk in the morning and catch the winter sun sparkling on the fresh snow then flee back to the warmth of your fireplace when the afternoon temperature starts to drop. When strolling around to enjoy the frost and the holiday shops, try a snuggly brown cashmere turtleneck tucked into a high-rise black woolen mini-skirt. Put it all over thick nude fleece leggings and knee-high black boots for an elegant and toasty combination. When you get back home, switch the nude leggings for black leggings and the boots for slippers and suddenly you fit right into a fireside Christmas carol. Don't forget your hot chocolate!

Now that you have some winter wardrobe themes to consider as well as some outfits that might go with each theme, think about what sort of attitude you would like to characterize your winter season. A piece here, a scarf there, and you could have a whole new closet of outfits just waiting to be worn as you enjoy the beauty of the cold weather and the holidays that bring us closer together.


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