Styling Your Groomsmaid: Finding the Best Suit or Gown

Styling Your Groomsmaid: Finding the Best Suit or Gown

Traditional wedding parties usually consist of bridesmaids who are all women and grooms who are all men. However, non-traditional weddings consisting of mixed wedding parties are becoming more popular. Gone are the days when wedding parties consisted of only bridesmaids and groomsmen. Being asked to be a part of a wedding party is a huge commitment and an honor for anyone. Having a wedding party is an old tradition. Bridal parties help organize the wedding and throw bachelor and bachelorette parties. They’re also available to catch a bouquet or garter—other traditions.

The beauty of weddings nowadays is that more people are embracing non-tradition. Though some still hang on to some traditions, others have decided to make choices that are meaningful to them. In this blog, we’ll touch on styling for a groomsmaid. If you plan on having one or more groomsmaids in your party, you might be wondering how you can help style them. Read our tips on styling.

Wear All Black Apparel

At black-tie weddings and other formal weddings, members of the wedding party might wear black suits. Black is such a timeless color to wear and style. Also, black looks good on just about everyone. So, how does wearing black apply to a groomsmaid? She could wear a black dress. For the most formal weddings, a groomsmaid could wear a floor-length black dress to complement the groomsmen’s black suits. For less formal weddings, a little black dress will do. Alternatively, a groomsmaid could also wear a black suit.

Match Dress to Suit Color

Your groomsmaid could match her dress to the groomsmen’s suit color. Gray, for example, is a popular color for suits that’s also incredibly versatile. Like black and white, most accessories of other colors can match gray. Navy also looks great on most people, though it’s more difficult to match than gray. Therefore, navy suits are also popular. Have your groomsmaid’s dress match these colors exactly, or at least wear a shade in the same family. You could apply this suggestion no matter the color of the suit, whether the groomsmen are wearing neutral tones like tan or pastels. Alternatively, as mentioned about the color black, your groomsmaid could also wear a suit like the groomsmen in your party.

Rock a Pair of Suspenders

Suspenders are straps that are attached to the waistband and worn over the shoulders. Usually, suspenders are worn over a button-down shirt. If the location of the wedding will be more low-key than a traditional church or a formal space, such as a woodsy or beach location, suspenders for everyone in the wedding party might work well. Your groomsmaid might wear trousers, a women’s dress shirt, and suspenders.

Wear a Patterned Dress

If your groomsmaid prefers a dress, she could wear a patterned dress with the main color matching the shade of the groomsmen’s suits. For example, she could wear a floral dress with a light blue dominating the pattern if light blue is the color of the groomsmen’s suits. This style choice adds a bit of liveliness to your wedding party while tying everything together by ensuring at least one color is featured throughout.

Match Dress to Necktie or Bowtie

Your groomsmen’s suits will more than likely be accented with a necktie or bowtie. How about matching your groomsmaid’s dress to the color of the necktie or bowtie? For example, if the groomsmen wear a red necktie, ensure that the groomsmaid’s dress matches. This styling choice could work with other accessories that the groomsmen might wear, too, such as handkerchiefs, pocket squares, or cummerbunds.

Choose the Right Shoes

Your groomsmaid’s women’s shoes depend on the entire outfit and what the groomsmen are wearing. You might match the shoes to the polished black or brown leather men’s dress shoes your groomsmen might wear. Groomsmen might also wear Oxford loafers or even sneakers. If wearing a pantsuit, your groomsmaid could wear leather loafers or flats. However, she could also wear stylish pumps, too. If she’s wearing a floor-length or cocktail dress to a more formal wedding, her outfit might look better with pumps. However, if she’s wearing a dress to a less formal wedding, she could get away with wearing chic flats.

Take Photos to Share

You’ll more than likely take plenty of photos to share with family and friends. You might opt for a photo booth, beautiful scenic photos, or whatever fits the theme of your party. Photos can also be a great way to share the outcome of your non-traditional mixed wedding party. Since this is still a growing trend, other people might be curious to see how they can explore this option. Share photos of your mixed wedding party on a blog, social media, or YouTube to inspire others.

Having one or more groomsmaids participate in your wedding party is a way to include more people who matter to you in your wedding. Since friendship and loyalty know no gender, why not consider a mixed party? Use our styling tips for your groomsmaid and inspire others to have a wedding on their own terms!


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