Find Your Most Flattering Mastectomy Swimsuit

Find Your Most Flattering Mastectomy Swimsuit

The right post-mastectomy swimsuit will be well constructed, flattering, and fit your personal style. Check out these tips on shopping for swimwear that meets your needs and makes you feel your best.

Look for a High-Quality Swimsuit

Women looking for a mastectomy swimsuit have more options than ever before, but there are specific features to consider for finding a flattering suit that makes you feel comfortable. Modern clothing and swimwear manufacturers have made strides in creating garments designed with a range of women’s needs in mind, but not all brands are created equally. Look for high-quality construction such as four-way stretch, double-stitched seams, and a full lining that will help ensure your swimsuit will hold its shape, fit well, and flatter your figure without sagging or tugging.

Consider Design Features

There are also some special design features to consider. These include:

Choose Styles That Make You Feel Your Best

There are lots of options in colors, styles, and designs in mastectomy suits. If you prefer a modest swimsuit, you can find flattering looks on solid colors ranging from classic black to brilliant turquoise. There are also plenty of mix-and-match options if you prefer a two-piece suit. An added advantage to two-pieces is that with so many options for tops and bottoms, you create many looks (and feel like you are wearing a new suit all summer).

Start from the Top

Options for stylish mastectomy swim tops include:

Choose the Best Bottoms

After selecting the right top, you’ll need to decide on which bathing suit bottoms you prefer. Choose a couple of styles so you have options for different occasions and activities. You may want to check out:

  • Bathing suits with skirts: These provide plenty of coverage and look great, too. The skirt length is short enough to participate in swimming and water activities easily, but still modest enough to wear comfortably anywhere.
  • Swim shorts: Great for water sports and swimming, walking on the beach, or enjoying outdoor pool parties, swim shorts are a cute option to pair with tankinis or other swim tops.
  • Mid-rise bikini bottoms: These traditional bikini bottoms fit and flatter everyone and are a good classic choice.
  • High-rise bikini bottoms: High-rise bikini bottoms give a little more coverage. They may also be enhanced with tummy control.

Score Some Stylish Swimwear Solutions

With an array of colors and designs, from floral prints and polka dots to geometric patterns and vivid solids, there are many options in mastectomy swimwear. By focusing on the key features that will provide optimal coverage and support, as well as choosing styles and designs that will fit your personality, you can feel fabulous at the beach and pool this summer. Finish your look with great swim women's cover-ups, sunglasses, slip flops, and a beach bag for summer fun in the sun!


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