How to Find the Right Swimsuit for Your Style: Fun, Bold, or Classic

How to Find the Right Swimsuit for Your Style: Fun, Bold, or Classic

Swimwear isn’t just practical—it can also be a fashion statement. This summer, choose a bathing suit or assemble a swimsuit collection that reflects your personal style. You don’t have to give up comfort or performance for looks, as today’s swimwear for women has all of the above. In this article, you’ll find tips for choosing beach and pool wear that’s right for you.

Fun Swimwear Styles for Women

If you describe your personal style as fun or eclectic, may we recommend the tankini. This women’s bathing suit is a two-piece with the fashion versatility of a bikini and the coverage of a one-piece. What makes tankini swimsuits more fun in our humble opinion is the vast number of fashion possibilities.

There are so many tankini separates that you can easily play personal stylist for hours. Mix and match tops and bottoms in different colors and prints or create an on-trend monochromatic look. Tankini tops come in many of the same necklines as one-piece swimsuits—including scoop-neck, bandeau and V-neck, just to name a few.

Pair your preferred tankini top style with high-waisted swimsuit bottoms for a retro look. Or slip on a swim skirt for a flouncy look and ample coverage. There are also traditional bikini bottoms you can wear with a tankini top. If you plan to enjoy water sports this summer, consider pairing a high-neck tankini top with swim shorts or leggings.

Bold Swimwear Styles for Women

There are plenty of bold swimsuit styles if you want to make an impact at the beach or pool. Stand out in a suit emblazoned with a vibrant tropical print. Another noticeable print is polka-dot, plus it’s on-trend and fits perfectly into any retro fashion aesthetic. While we’re on the topic of prints and motifs, let’s talk about color.

If neutrals such as black, navy, and white are your go-to hues, you don’t have to rid your swim wardrobe of them to achieve a bold style. Simply contrast white with either black or navy for a color-block look that’s anything but boring. As mentioned before, polka dots fit this theme and you’ll often find black-and-white and navy polka dotted prints. Bright colors such as red, orange, turquoise, and purple are also good for creating a bold swim look, whether you opt for a solid color or print.

Swimwear designs also make a difference when finding a suit to match your bold personal style. If you prefer a one-piece, go for a bold Grecian-style suit with shirring at the midsection and a partial-V neckline. A dramatic scoop neck or a one-shoulder style can also fit this aesthetic. There are blouson styles for a ’70s look to help you stand out from the crowd.

Classic Swimwear Styles for Women

Although we love bold and fun looks, we’re also huge fans of classic swimwear. Wider straps with Grecian or V-necks, waist shirring and low-cut bottoms are features that always look elegant for swimwear. Or go for a Tugless Tank one-piece swimsuit in a traditional scoop neck and solid color such as white, black, navy, or red. The Tugless Tank is designed to stay in place, so you don’t have to deal with any wardrobe malfunctions or adjustments.

Choosing a Beach Cover-Up

Women’s rash guards are good for topping all three swimwear styles—fun, bold, and classic. They come in different styles so that you can match your cover-up to your bathing suit. For a fun look, a cover-up dress is a must. Mid-length styles are breezy and playful, or you can go for a long cover-up dress for a bolder look. A kaftan cover-up is always a classic, or you can top your swimwear with a women’s rash guard tee, hoodie and shorts for UPF 50+ protection against UV rays.

Along with beach cover-ups, there are sun-protective swimsuits and even summer outfits with UPF 50+. Even if you opt for clothing and swimwear with sun protection, it’s only for covered areas. You’ll still need to use sunblock, as usual, to safeguard your skin against UV rays. Wide-brim hats offer additional protection while adding a breezy touch to your look.

Accessorizing Your Swim Look

Swimwear looks don’t require many accessories. However, to add to a fun swimwear look, consider a pair of brightly colored water shoes or a pair of sunglasses in an unexpected frame color or shape. Bold accessories can be anything from a bright swim cap or hair scarf to a pair of heeled wedge sandals for a trip to the beachfront café. For a classic look, you only need a straw or canvas tote and pair of flip-flops.

Now that you have some inspiration to work with, experiment with different swimwear looks to find your favorite. If you like elements of all three styles, find ways to combine them for a beach outfit that reflects your unique aesthetic.


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