Find the Best Men's Underwear, Briefs, and Boxers

Find the Best Men's Underwear, Briefs, and Boxers

The quest to find the best men's underwear, briefs, and boxers can feel like a never-ending one. With so many options on the market that compete for your attention, how can you know which type of underwear is right for you? Every brand promises a supreme fit and quality, but you know that not all underwear is equal. This is why you should invest only in high-quality men's underwear, no matter the style you choose.

Whether you prefer briefs, boxers, or long underwear, you can find the best underwear for you when you invest in quality. These are some of the options you can explore to know what type of men’s underwear you need to look and feel your best.

Boxers: For Soft and Breathable Comfort

What's not to love about boxers? They are made of cozy materials like broadcloth cotton which allows your skin to breathe. The loose fit also promotes freedom of movement so that you don't feel any binding. If you're the kind of person that doesn't like the feel of briefs or the tightness of boxer briefs, then men's boxers are for you.

Wear them to bed as a quick pair of pajama pants in the summer, or wear them under any of your favorite outfits for extra support. With so many fun patterns and colors to choose from, you can also express your personality with this undergarment. All our boxers are made with a covered elastic band that won't chafe like the others. The high-quality fabric also keeps the boxer laying flat — a small detail that makes a big difference in long-term comfort. Grab a few multi-packs and you'll be set for the season.

In the winter and fall, stay warm with flannel boxers! This material is made out of heavier cotton that's brushed on both sides to keep in the heat where you need it the most.

Briefs and Boxer Briefs: The Support You Need

If you prefer underwear with a tighter fit and extra support, then briefs or boxer briefs are going to be more up your alley. Boxer briefs have more length than a traditional brief and are a popular choice for active men who want to avoid any thigh chafing. Boxer briefs are also excellent at absorbing sweat, so make sure you choose pairs made from absorbent cotton or an activewear material that has moisture-wicking effects.

No matter what style or material you pick, the tighter fit and elastic material will offer you an extra feeling of security. Both boxer briefs and briefs have comfortable elastic waistbands and a 2-ply front fly for a comfortable fit. You can also find these comfortable underwear options in materials like jersey cotton, which have various levels of elastic integrated into the cotton to achieve your desired softness and flexibility.

Long Underwear: For The Coldest Days

On the coldest days, a pair of briefs or boxers may not be enough to keep the chill away. Thankfully, a set of thermal long underwear can offer the same support as traditional underwear while providing coverage to the rest of your legs. Long underwear sets also can come with a thermal long sleeve top so you have insulation from neck to toe.

Men’s long underwear can come in silk, which is light and easy to layer without feeling bulky. No need to worry about overheating in this set! For even colder days, check out long underwear made of thermaskin, a powerful polyester and spandex blend that locks in the heat without restricting movement. Made to hold up in the toughest of winters, you’ll need a few sets to stay as comfortable as possible.

Undershirts and More

As you can see, the world of men's underwear goes beyond boxers and briefs. To complete your outfits, you also need the support of undergarments like men’s undershirts. These subtle underlayers will smooth out your chest area and provide the best silhouette for your men’s dress shirts and polos. Made out of thin and lightweight materials, these undershirts are will only offer support to your outfit, not hinder it. It's a work outfit staple!

To complete your ensemble, don't forget to get a set of men’s socks that correspond with the season you’re in. Whether you need toasty thick socks for boots or thin cotton crew socks for sneakers, it’s important to get the right material for maximum comfort.

When you are dressed in comfortable men’s underwear from head to toe, you can navigate the day with confidence. Find plenty of underwear options to boost your comfort all day.


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