Tips on Shopping for the Perfect Pair of Women’s Plus-Size Jeans

Tips on Shopping for the Perfect Pair of Women’s Plus-Size Jeans

So, you’re wondering how to choose plus size jeans for ladies? The right fit of jeans can make a huge difference. In the right pair of jeans, you look and feel confident and stylish. Also, denim is highly versatile and always on-trend, so you’ll probably want several pairs in your wardrobe. With so many options, it’s hard to know where to begin. Check out these tips to help you narrow down the vast selection of women’s plus size jeans and find your ideal pair.

Know Your Measurements

Before shopping for jeans, perform a few quick measurements. First, you’ll need to know your waist size. Measure your waist at its most narrow point, which is right below the ribcage. Don’t cinch the measuring tape too tight to ensure your jeans will be comfortable. The next measurement you’ll need is the inseam, which is the length between your crotch and ankle. If this measurement is over 32 inches, look for tall jeans. If it’s under 30 inches, you fall into the petite category. When ordering jeans online, check your measurements against the Fit & Size guide to ensure you order the correct size.

Understand Rise and Fit

Rise and fit are two more considerations when shopping for women’s jeans. Low-rise jeans ride low on the hips, while mid-rise jeans reach the middle of the waist. Mid-rise jeans are the most versatile type because they can be worn with all kinds of apparel. High-rise jeans have a retro vibe and are a good choice if you want ample midsection coverage and an on-trend look.

Fit refers to the cut and amount of stretch in a pair of jeans. For example, a loose fit jean is baggy and roomy. Most jeans fall into the regular fit category, which means they’re not overly baggy or snug. Then there are the skinny jeans, which have a close fit and lots of stretch. If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that can be dressed up or down, opt for a regular fit pair.

Choose Your Length

When selecting a jean length, refer to your inseam measurements. Also, consider where you’ll be wearing your jeans and with what type of footwear. For example, if you plan to get a lot of use out of those high-heeled boots, a longer boot-cut jean may be right for you. If you prefer to rock a flat shoe or one with a lower heel, you can opt for a standard length that’s not too long or cropped. Speaking of cropped, a shorter jean looks stylish with a wedge sandal or gladiator sandal. Capri jeans work well in the spring and summer because they fall in between shorts and pants.

If you choose an ankle-length jean you can wear almost any type of footwear, from sneakers to slides. Plus size cashmere sweaters are a stylish accompaniment to this style of jean, as are T-shirts and tunics. Layering a lightweight top under a hoodie or fleece pullover is a great way to stay warm in cool weather, and it looks stylish with any type of denim.

Select a Wash Color

The wash color makes a big difference when it comes to wearability. For example, a light wash jean goes well with casual apparel, such as a cotton T-shirt and canvas sneakers. If you want jeans with a slimming effect, look for a pair with strategic fading down the front of the legs. Dark washes are also great for creating a streamlined appearance.

Women’s plus-size black jeans are another classic option to consider. Wear them with any other color—go high contrast with a light-colored top and shoes or rock a trendy monochromatic look with a black top and matching boots. Black jeans also go well with printed tops because they provide a neutral foundation on which to build a look. Also, don’t be afraid to mix brown with black—it’s now considered fashionable to wear brown boots with black jeans.

Try Different Styles

Now that you have some tips for jean shopping, it’s time to find the pair—or pairs—that are right for your wardrobe. With so many different jean styles available, it’s easy to have a pair for every occasion. Experiment with different fits, rises and washes to discover what you like best. Also, don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone. One way to do this is with plus size jeggings, which have the stretch of leggings with the appearance of jeans. They pair beautifully with tunics and boots, and they offer ample stretch and all-day comfort.

The great thing about jeans is that they can be dressed up or down depending on the look you want to achieve. One of the easiest ways to add flair to an outfit featuring jeans is with jewelry. Even if you’re wearing something as casual as a T-shirt and a pair of curvy fit jeans, a pair of oversized hoops or a statement necklace can add an elegant touch that makes your outfit appear polished and put-together. The most important thing is not the jeans or accessories you choose—it’s whether you feel confident with what you’re wearing.


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