8 Festive Activities to Put on Your Fall Bucket List

8 Festive Activities to Put on Your Fall Bucket List

Fans of fall need no convincing: it’s the year’s best season. It’s cold enough to snuggle up in a sweater, yet warm enough to enjoy being outdoors. The air is crisp, and the changing leaves are beautiful to see. The fall season also brings with it some of the best holidays and events, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. If you’ve already unpacked your scarves and stocked up on cinnamon, this list is for you. Read on to discover nine festive activities to enjoy this fall.

Plan a Leaf Peeping Trip

When the leaves change color in fall, the scenery can be jaw-dropping. It’s no surprise, then, that leaf peeping is one of the season’s most popular activities. You may have to travel a bit to see true fall colors, but it’ll be worth the trip. There are many different ways to enjoy leaf peeping, including train rides, road trips, hiking, and bike rides. You can also picnic in a park or spend the night camping to take in the view. Fill a backpack with snacks and supplies and get ready to enjoy this spectacular experience.

Tour a Winery

Wine tasting is another great activity to enjoy in the fall since many wineries combine their tours with leaf peeping. Visiting during this time of year has other benefits, too. You’ll avoid the large tourist crowds of summer, all while enjoying more comfortable weather. Since it’s harvest time, you may also get to see some of the winemaking processes up close. Whether you plan a day trip or a long-weekend getaway, this is one fall activity you won't want to miss.

Visit a Haunted House

Get into the Halloween spirit with friends or family by visiting a haunted house. These spooky attractions are bound to get your adrenaline pumping for hours of fun. The options range from the family-friendly to the extremely terrifying, with some even requiring visitors to sign waivers. Pick your poison and get ready to scream the night away. If there are no haunted house attractions nearby, try a ghost tour or visit a spooky museum instead.

Spend a Night Stargazing

Fall is the perfect time to watch the night sky. The air is cool but comfortable, and you get to see both the last of the summer and the first of the winter stars. Set up a couple of Adirondack chairs in the backyard and break out the binoculars to enjoy the view. You can also invest in a telescope if your budget allows. Add in a couple of blankets and hot chocolate, and you’re all set for the night.

Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the fall. The apple harvest begins at the start of the season, so there’s plenty of time to plan a trip (or two!) to your local orchard. In addition to apples, there is plenty to delight your tastebuds, including homemade jam and hot apple cider. Take along a throw blanket and enjoy the bountiful harvest with a picnic. Many farms also offer hay rides and animal farms, so there’s plenty to enjoy and explore.

Go Beer-Tasting

Thanks in part to the popularity of Oktoberfest, many beer festivals are held during the fall. A lot of breweries also release new seasonal products at this time. If you're a connoisseur, it’s the perfect time to plan a beer-tasting trip. Brewery tours usually include tastings, and many festivals have free samples on offer. At beer festivals, you can also enjoy traditional foods like German sausage, Bavarian pretzel, and Viennese apple strudel. Bring along a tote bag —you’ll need it to carry all the delicious treats you'll be taking home.

Watch a Themed Movie

On cold and rainy fall days, there’s nothing better than spending the day snuggled up on the couch. Throw on your comfiest men's or women’s loungewear, break out the snacks, and invite your loved ones over for a movie. Get into the Halloween spirit with a horror film, or bask in the romance of the season with a classic Rom-Com. There are plenty of fall-themed options to inspire your pick.

Bake a Pie

Nothing says “fall” quite like a freshly-baked pie, so why not make your own? People of all ages can get involved and you don’t have to be a chef to master your pie. All you need is a great recipe, fresh ingredients, a working oven, and a bit of patience. The best part? There are so many delicious fillings to choose from! Think pumpkin, apple, pecan, cranberry, sweet potato, walnut, and spiced pear. Enjoy this classic fall activity alone, or spend the afternoon baking with family and friends. You could even try your hand at entering a pie contest or bake sale.

Whether you go all out or keep it simple, there are so many ways to enjoy the fall season. From leaf peeping to baking pies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. No matter your pick, these festive ideas are sure to bring heaps of fun to your fall bucket list. Add your favorites, then get ready to check them off.


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