Feel More Productive at Home Thanks to These 4 Put-Together Outfits

Feel More Productive at Home Thanks to These 4 Put-Together Outfits

If you've been working from home for a while, chances are your wardrobe has gone from quasi-professional to casual. While it's totally understandable to want to look and feel comfortable, you should create habits for yourself that allow you to be more productive. Take a look at our 4 put-together outfits while working from home.

Keep a Routine

Before working from home, you likely had a routine that included getting up at the same time every morning, completing your daily routine, and heading out the door for work. Working from home should be no different. Take some time and think about your ideal work-from-home style. From there, determine the types of garments that speak to your style and keep you comfortable to focus throughout the day. Once you’ve discovered the balance, you’re set to create a routine. Don't forget — when the workday has ended, change out of your work clothes into more comfortable clothing; that way, you can create a transitional boundary between work times and home/family time.

Enhance Your Mood

The great thing about your work-from-home fashion is that you can always switch up your look based on your mood. Tuning in to how you feel each morning can determine how to dress for success. While working from home, you should feel comfortable while still looking professional. So if your favorite cashmere sweater or turtleneck inspires you and radiates all the best vibes, then, by all means, feel free to mix and match your favorites. You can even create "spirit days."

For instance, Mondays could be cute cardigan Monday, while Fridays can be casual Fridays where you wear a fun women’s blouse or button-down and opt for skinny jeans or shorts for the bottom half.

Give Your Favorite Colors Some Shine

There's a reason why you have a favorite color. There's something about the shade of that hue that makes you feel a certain way. When we feel good, it's reflective in our behaviors, and it's directly tied to our work performance. So when you desire to get out of a "blah" kind of phase, dressing up can be beneficial. Try slipping on a favorite midi dress or cute women’s tunic with a go-to pair of chinos in your favorite color or pattern. Add a fun layered necklace or printed scarf, and watch how your vibe changes. You can complete the outfit with matching jeggings, work pants, or other comfortable slacks.

Create a Balance Between Business Casual and Comfortable

We get it. Some days, you don’t want to be too dressy while sitting in front of a screen all day in your home office. You also might not want to spend your day in sweats. You have meetings to run and checklists to accomplish. If you have a place of employment where you can lean more on the business casual side, try incorporating casual pieces with ultra-professional pieces. For example, try layering a simple cardigan, slip dress, or blazer on top of a boyfriend tee. Basics are a great go-to for dressing up or down; best of all, you can wear them repeatedly in new and inventive ways.

No matter your industry, you should always strive to look professional, especially in client meetings. First impressions leave lasting impressions, so be sure to put your best wardrobe forward when video meetings are on the agenda for the day. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked with the client in the past; taking the lead to dress appropriately shows that you are professional and care about the company's brand image.

Take this opportunity to up your work wardrobe game now that you're working from home. Don’t shy away from fun colors or patterns, but be sure they complement your overall look, and more importantly, make sure you’re comfortable and ready to take on whatever the day may throw at you.


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