Gender-Neutral Outfits the Whole Family Will Love

Gender-Neutral Outfits the Whole Family Will Love

Your whole family deserves to get comfy—and what better way to do that than in gender-neutral outfits? Whatever combination of adults and kids make up your loving family, Lands’ End has you covered. Let’s look at some outfit options to keep everyone looking and feeling great.

Clothing Doesn’t Have a Gender

Whether you are expressing yourself as an adult or teaching values to your kids, it’s important for everyone to realize that clothing doesn’t have a gender. If you have ever felt stifled by overly gendered clothing or footwear that was uncomfortable, difficult to walk in (yes, we’re talking about you, stilettos), or simply not who you are, the good news is that as an adult you get to shop the whole store—and if you’re a parent, you can give the same gift to your kids.

At Lands’ End, we use labels like “women’s,” “men’s,” “girls,” and “boys” to help our customers with sizing only. We want you to be comfy and stylish in how you define those things.


Is there anything more comfy or stylish than the right pair of jeans? Whether you are buying men’s jeans, women’s jeans, or kids’ jeans, make sure that everyone in the family gets to enjoy this wardrobe staple.

To keep jeans looking gender-neutral, you’ll want to stay away from some of the embellishments like appliques or sequins that go in and out of fashion. Distressed jeans can be fashionable for men, women, and kids, but they don’t work for all dress codes (including many casual offices or schools). When in doubt, go for a pair of dark wash or medium wash jeans without ornamentation. You can wear them with almost anything and dress them up or down as you choose.


When choosing gender-neutral shorts, keep the color and cut simple. Neutrals like black, denim, or chinos are all great choices (and are likely to become your go-to casual pants in any weather where you don’t need more insulation).

Polo Shirts

Women’s polo shirts are a great option if you are looking for a gender-neutral top that is a bit more finished than a T-shirt or tank top. The collar and ribbing on the sleeves give polo shirts an instant upgrade, making them a candidate for offices, restaurants, and sporting events where you need to dress business casual.

For a gender-neutral look, stick to neutral colors like black, white, and grey or primary colors like blue, green, yellow, and red. Go for “girl colors” like pink and purple if you like them, however, you will lose the gender-neutral vibe that way.


Men’s T-shirts are a classic and comfy choice. Everyone needs a crisp white T-shirt in their wardrobe (except for tiny kids—stains happen). For the adults, nothing beats a white T-shirt and dark wash jeans for a classic look. You can dress it up with a men’s belt and loafers or down with white sneakers.

Graphic T-shirts and tie-dye shirts are fun for kids of all ages, too! Have fun with this. Maybe create a theme—everyone in the family could pick out their favorite action movie character or you could make an afternoon project out of making your own tie-dye shirt. This one is a fun summer idea (especially if you have the space to tie-dye shirts outdoors—why bother messing up the kitchen?).


Everyone needs a hoodie. They are among the most practical garments ever made. Hoodies can keep you warm on a day that turns cold, be the first layer of outerwear against a winter storm, and even keep (some of) the rain off you in a spring shower. Unless your little one is little enough that the hood could be a safety issue when you are thinking of kids’ sweatshirts and jackets, make sure they have at least one hoodie in their wardrobe (and the same goes for the grown-ups).


Gender-neutral footwear can be found with a bit of looking. Sneakers are always a nice choice. They were invented in the late 19th-century as sandshoes for the middle class to wear during athletic pursuits. The term “sneaker” referred to the fact that the rubber soles made them quieter than other shoes. They have evolved into the high-tech footwear we enjoy today while keeping those comfy and practical roots. Adult sneakers and kids’ sneakers are some of the best gender-neutral footwear options out there.

If you are looking for something dressier, consider a leather loafer. Styles like penny loafers are gender-neutral classics that will help any outfit look instantly put together—and they work for all ages. Pick out some cute and comfy gender-neutral outfits for the whole family!


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