Favorite Gender Neutral Kids Outfits to Try Now

Favorite Gender Neutral Kids' Outfits to Try Now

Are you looking for great gender neutral kids' outfits? Lands’ End has you covered. We carry all of the cutest styles and colors for your kids, and you have choices that go beyond pink and purple for girls and blue and brown for boys. Let’s look at some fun options.

Clothing Doesn’t Have a Gender

If you are trying to teach your kids that clothing doesn’t have a gender or just give them options and ideas as they grow up, Lands’ End is on your side. Some people love girly-girl outfits or tough-looking outfits for boys, but kids shouldn’t be limited to those. They should get to run, play, and learn in the clothing that works best for them (and is practical for you, too).


Whoever invented the kids' T-shirt was a wonderful person. Unlike the more formal (and scratchy) options of old, T-shirts are designed for ease of movement. Especially when they are made of comfy cotton, they can be a kids' favorite garment.

For a gender-neutral look, stick with solid neutral colors like white, black, and grey as well as solid brights like red, yellow, blue, and green. Graphic T-shirts can be a fun look, too—just avoid any of the obviously gendered images like princesses or trucks if you want to go neutral. It’s also a great idea to be open to letting your little ones pick out what they like, what catches their eye, and what they feel most comfortable wearing.


Shorts and kids were made for each other. As long as they will be warm enough in shorts, this choice will give them the freedom to run and play that every kid deserves. Back in the days when boys wore “short pants," it was probably because they were growing so fast. Hems didn’t need to be lengthened as often with shorts for boys, but there was a certain wisdom in not putting little guys in restrictive clothing. Thankfully, girls now have that option as well (can you imagine always having to wear a dress as a little girl?).

For a gender neutral look, once again stick with neutrals or primary colors. In fact, with shorts, it’s an easy everyday idea to stick with neutrals, period. On the other hand, fashion at any age is supposed to be about wearing clothes that you like, so if your tyke likes brights, let them express themselves.


Jeans have a storied history. They evolved from work pants in Europe during the Renaissance to the famous Levi Strauss version in the United States in 1873 to everyone’s favorite go-to pants that can go from casual to dressy today. When you think about the fact that jeans were originally designed to be tough and handle anything, they are perfect for active kids.

For a gender neutral look, stick with kids' jeans that are straight cut and embellishment-free. A basic medium or dark wash pair of jeans will look great with almost any top for kids and are a great wardrobe staple for them. As long as they don’t end up with stains that you can’t get out or rips, they can probably be passed down to a younger sibling or given to charity when the first kid has outgrown them. Jeans have stayed delightfully durable.


Every kid needs a hoodie. They are among the most practical garments around. Hoodies can keep you warm on a day that turns cold, be used for layering under a coat, keep some of the rain off you in an unexpected shower, and be rolled up as a pillow in the car, on a plane, or at a sporting event. Unless your little one is little enough that the hood could be a safety issue when you are thinking of kids’ sweatshirts, think hoodie.

Because hoodies are such great wardrobe staples (and you usually wear them on top of other shirts) a neutral color is a great choice, but if your kid has favorite bright colors, that can be a fun option, too (and even make them easier to spot in a crowd).


When thinking of gender neutral footwear, think of kids’ sneakers. Every kid needs a good pair of sneakers, and colors like white and black are perfect because they will go with everything they own. The only downside to white sneakers is that you will find yourself cleaning them more often, so if you have a kid who gets messy, you might want to think of white as a good color for a second pair of sneakers.

Go find some cute gender neutral outfits for your kid!


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